Finding Housing in Boston

Boston is a wonderful city in which to live. It is a city of history, art, architecture, technology, and education, as it has more than sixty colleges in the metropolitan area. It is a diverse city with a mix of people and cultures, and is the perfect metropolitan backdrop for theological education.

For many of our entering students the urban environment is a significant change of scenery. Transitioning to living in a major city can be daunting, but it need not be. Do not worry — we have many resources to help you start your search. Every year an entire entering class of students from all over the country and world relocate to Boston. All these students find housing suitable for them, and this will be the case for you as well, if you take timely steps toward securing housing when opportunities arise.

Searching for Housing in Boston

As you begin to search for housing in Boston, there are a few very important things you should know:

1. You must take the initiative to find housing. The School of Theology’s Enrollment Office can provide leads of some potential residences, and can be helpful in answering your questions about housing, but it is unable to make all the necessary arrangements for you. You should begin looking for housing at least three months before your intended matriculation date.

2. You have options to consider. Do you want to live on- or off-campus? Do you want to live by yourself or with roommates? How much space do you need? What kind of commute works for you? What is your budget range? How you answer these questions will influence the rental price you will pay. If you have no idea where to start, get in touch with our Enrollment Office and speak to our staff about your priorities and budget. They should be able to steer you toward some options, or put you in touch with an area realtor who can do so.

3. There are lots of towns that offer access to campus. STH is located at 745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. That puts it in an ideal location for public transportation, as both the subway (which we call the “T”) and buses stop directly in front of our building. (See the Visiting Campus section of the website for directions to campus.) The sections of Boston that are within easy walking, biking, or public transit access to campus include Allston, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge and Cambridgeport, Fenway, Back Bay, and Jamaica Plain. Slightly farther away are Watertown, Somerville, Norwell, Quincy, Medford, Roslindale, Dorchester, West Roxbury, Needham, Newton, Auburndale, and Waltham, but students have found good housing options in those places as well. Towns farther away from campus are worth a look especially for those coming with children. Luckily, Boston and its surrounding towns all link via public transportation.

4. STH offers access to some housing options, with priority given to entering students. If the idea of living in community with other students appeals to you, consider living in one of STH’s residential communities. To apply to live in one of these residences, please contact the Enrollment Office ( Please note there is often a waitlist for these properties, so it is best to secure a spot early. You must pay a deposit and sign a lease to secure a spot in any of these STH residential communities.

STH Housing Options

Theology House 

2 Raleigh Street, Boston, MA 02215 

This on-campus residence holds 20 first-year master’s-level students, and is a community with programming focused on student engagement and vocational discernment. All floors are gender-inclusive. (Please note the space is not ADA accessible, as it has no elevator and many stairs.) All residents agree to participation in weekly community dinners and other programming throughout the school year, September to May. In exchange, STH offers a housing stipend to reduce the cost of living on-campus. This means that the cost of Theology House is very reasonable compared to other on-campus housing. Here is what each type of furnished room costs:

  • Double Occupancy (2022 – 2023 charges):
    The University charge for an on-campus double room is $11,260 per academic year. However, after a $3,605/semester housing scholarship from the School of Theology, students living in a double occupancy room will be charged $4,050 per academic year (
    $2,025 per semester), or the equivalent of $450 per month for the academic year.
  • Single Occupancy (2022 – 2023 charges):
    The University charge for an on-campus single room is $14,790 per academic year. However, after a $4,695/semester housing scholarship from the School of Theology, students living in a single occupancy room will be charged $5,400 per academic year ($2,700 per semester), or the equivalent of $600 per month for the academic year.
  • Optional Board (2022 – 2023 charges):
    $6,140 per meal plan (regular or kosher) – other options for meal plans are available, including Convenience Points only. Please see the University’s Dining Plan website for more information. Residents do not have to have a dining plan to live in Theology House. Grocery stores are available in the area and there is a communal kitchen.

Apply to Live in Theology House

Beane House

Strathmore Road, Brighton, MA 02135

The Beane House is just a short T-ride away from STH, with shops, restaurants, and a community library nearby. Two of the floors are 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments, for a total of 10 spaces for students. The 4-bedroom bottom floor can either be split between two couples or four single students, depending on the need. All apartments are gender-inclusive. Each apartment has a large living room area with space for a dining room table, a kitchen, and a small back porch. Bedrooms come furnished with a bed, chair, desk, and dresser. The programming at Beane House is not as intensive as at Theology House, but all residents are still expected to be present for occasional community meals and gatherings. This space is a favorite of upper-level master’s students and doctoral students, with priority still given to incoming students when spaces become available. Students may live in Beane House for up to three years or six semesters. Rent for 2022 – 2023 is $925/month per room, which includes all utilities except electricity and cable/internet, and there is free laundry in the basement.

Apply to Live in Beane House

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