Dr. Willa Mathis-Johnson, (STH ’89)

This obituary was originally posted by University of Mississippi News and can be found here. OXFORD, Miss. – Willa Johnson was undeniably a hero in her own right, championing diversity at the University of Mississippi all while gaining national acclaim for her scholarship and expertise. The professor of sociology, who died Nov. 7, taught for... More

Anastasia Kidd (STH ’04, ’18) Publishes Fat Church: Claiming a Gospel of Fat Liberation

Anastasia Kidd (STH '04, '18) published Fat Church: Claiming a Gospel of Fat Liberation. The book overview states: Anti-Fatness Affects Us All Whether your body is small or large, aged or young, disabled or abled, toned or soft, lithe or stiff—or somewhere in-between—anti-fatness affects us all, because it is intended to. Fat Church critiques anti-fat... More