Worship at STH

The School of Theology cultivates a rich worship life that brings together students, faculty, staff and administrators for a community encounter with the Holy. While rooted in the United Methodist tradition, the character of our worship is global and ecumenical, drawing upon the diverse liturgical traditions and theological perspectives of our community.

Our weekly service of worship takes place on Wednesdays in Marsh Chapel from 11:10am to 12:00pm.

The Worship Team of the School of Theology coordinates these services, bringing together students, faculty, and staff to offer their gifts and creativity in planning and/or leading worship.  If you would like to be added to the Worship Team’s roster of volunteers, please fill out our Worship Volunteer Survey.

Prayer Requests

If there is something you would like the School of Theology worship team to pray about with or for you, please fill out our Prayer Request Form.

If you desire the wider School of Theology community to share in this prayer, please indicate on the form that you would like your request included in the Prayers of the People of our Wednesday chapel service in Marsh Chapel (11:10am-12:00pm).

Worship beyond STH

Members of community are encouraged to find places for worship and fellowship beyond the School of Theology with the many faith communities that meet throughout the New England region. A partial listing follows:

Marsh Chapel at Boston University

Houses of Worship in Cambridge and Boston