Welcome to the Boston University School of Theology website! You have come to the right place to catch a glimpse of the amazing people, ground-breaking research, prophetic vision, and exciting academic programs that constitute this remarkable institution. Members of our faculty are experts in a wide range of fields and come to us with similarly diverse backgrounds in the church, the academy, faith-based non-profits, and other areas of religious leadership.

Boston University School of Theology is a place for people who want to dig deeply into religious traditions as well as to re-think the ideas, institutions, practices, and social patterns that make up those traditions. It is a place for people who want to make a difference in the world and who are concerned to build bridges between faith communities and the academy in approaching that task. Our students are already accomplished women and men from around the world, some of whom come to us with incredible experience in research and scholarly writing, pastoral and chaplaincy roles, nonprofit and urban ministry, conflict resolution and peace-making, and advocacy for prisoners, the poor, persons with disabilities, and care for the ecosphere. The result is a rare community of learners both inside and outside of the classroom.

The prophetic spirit infuses the School of Theology’s classrooms and research centers as we seek to think creatively both locally and globally about real-world problems. We’re glad you are taking a look!

Bryan P. Stone,
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs