spiritual life

What is spirituality? Each student, faculty, and staff member at the School of Theology will answer that question with a slightly different nuance or emphasis. You are invited to bring your own definition and spiritual practices into our learning community. At BU School of Theology, we seek to encourage your spirit in the midst of the academic environment. Our common spiritual discipline is study, pursued in dialogue with our personal practices, traditions, and experiences, and in the context of our corporate practices of worship and music, retreats and Sabbath, fellowship and service.

At the School of Theology, you will find space, support, and formative experiences with which to nurture your relationship with God, the community, and creation. “Spiritual Life” for us encompasses literally everything we do, including scholarship and teaching, worship, research, service, and community building. At the same time, the School is intentional about cultivating practices that enhance the human relationship with the Holy such as worship opportunities, morning prayer, community events, retreats, trips, small groups, courses, and spiritual direction. To learn more detail about spiritual life offerings or to make suggestions and special requests, students may contact the Dean of Community Life and Lifelong Learning, Pamela Lightsey, or the Spiritual Life Coordinator, Charlene Zuill. Students seeking spiritual direction may also contact our Bishop-in-Residence and Lecturer in Spirituality and Leadership, Susan Hassinger.