student association

The School of Theology Student Association (STHSA) is made up of all students enrolled at the School of Theology. Its purpose is to assess and advocate for the needs of the students through its own activities and by working with other student organizations, student interest groups, the faculty, and the administration. STHSA is also responsible for distributing funds from the Student Activities Fee to student constituency groups. The STHSA Executive Board (E-Board) represents the student body. The E-Board includes elected officers, student constituency group representatives, elected at-large representatives, and ex-officio members. All STH students are encouraged to attend STHSA administrative meetings to be informed and active community members, as well as to offer feedback on how to make STH even better. For more information, contact us at

Weekly Meetings

Wednesdays, 1-1:50pm

President: Hazel Johnson, MDiv
Vice President: Tom Reid, MDiv
Operations Coordinator: Celine O’Connor, MDiv, MSW
Treasurer: Makenna Daniels, MTS
Communications Coordinator: Maddie Henderson, MDiv
PhD Representative: Dan Hauge, PhD
First-Year Representative: Breanne MacFarland, MDiv
MDiv Representative: Kyle Walden, MDiv
Non-MDiv Representative: Sam Mudge, MTS
International Student Representative: Martin Mugerwa, MDiv