Heine Gives Perspective on Global Power Dynamics

Foreign Affairs has recently released several articles discussing the dynamics of global power balance, the future of US hegemony, and the unfolding of great-power competition in the developing world. To follow up on these essays, Foreign Affairs interviewed International Relations specialists on the state of unipolarity in today’s world for their article “Did the Unipolar…

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Heine’s “Active Non-Alignment and Latin America” Reviewed in Foreign Affairs

Brian Winter, the editor-in-chief of “Americas Quarterly,” extensively details a strategy of active non-alignment for Latin America, which Heine and his coauthors propose in their book, which involves a foreign policy that is “equidistant” between Washington and Beijing, neither subservient to nor hostile toward either.

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Shifrinson Co-Authors Article on President Biden’s “Pragmatic Realism”

“Although his predecessor…gave voice to similar impulses, it is Biden who offers a more coherent version of pragmatic realism – a mode of thought that prizes the advancement of tangible U.S. interests, expects other states to follow their own interests, and changes course to get what the United States needs in a competitive world.”

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