For one of the program’s possible overnight trips, the group will visit Málaga.

Málaga’s history spans about 2,800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. According to most scholars, it was founded around 770BC by the Phoenicians as Malaka. From the 6th century BC the city was under the hegemony of Ancient Carthage and from 218 BC, it was ruled by the Roman Republic and then empire as Malaca (in Latin). After the fall of the empire and the end of Visigothic rule, it was under Islamic rule  for 800 years, but in 1487, the Crown of Castille gained control after the Reconquista. The archaeological remains and monuments from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian eras make the historic center of the city an “open museum.¨

The painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, Hebrew poet and Jewish philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol and the actor Antonio Banderas were born in Málaga.