Madrid University Studies

The Madrid University Studies Program is a specialized program for exceptionally well-qualified students who have a strong command of Spanish.

Offered in the spring semester only, students enroll directly at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM),  where they attend classes at the university’s Cantoblanco campus alongside local students. Founded in 1968, the UAM is widely considered to be one of the premier universities in Spain.

The program consists of four classes (4.0 US credits each):

  • Seminar on Contemporary Spain 
    • The seminar provides context for other academic and cultural experiences, and a rich awareness and understanding of Spain’s history, as well as a sense of community among BU program students. It is taught by a BU Madrid instuctor at the Instituto Internacional.
  • Three elective courses from a wide variety of subjects across the UAM’s seven facultades (schools). 

Students may also opt to take the Seminar, two electives at the UAM, as well as an internship. They must apply for the University Studies Internship program. 

Courses are offered in areas including anthropology, archaeology, art history, cinema, economics, philosophy, political science, psychology, science, sociology as well as Spanish culture, language, literature and history. Students are highly encouraged to reach out to BU Madrid Staff ( prior to beginning the course selection process. 

Students may also opt to fulfill additional Hub units by completing the following:

HUB SA 230 The Individual in Community with Study Abroad

HUB SA 225 Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy with Study Abroad

Undergraduate students who study abroad can fulfill a single Hub requirement in The Individual in Community (IIC) or Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (GCIL). No course enrollment is required. This is separate from and in addition to any courses a student may take while abroad that satisfy IIC/GCIL.

What is it?

  • 0-credit course
  • Available to BU undergraduate students studying abroad
  • Requires a written reflection of 750-1000 words submitted for review to the Hub
  • Fulfills 1 Hub requirement in IIC or GCIL

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