Course Registration

Register for classes

  • Once you have been accepted to the BU Madrid program, please refer to the pre-departure page for the next steps you’ll have to take and deadlines you must meet. Registration varies for each program. BU Madrid will send out additional course registration materials so please check your email frequently.
    • UAM students, the registration process is detailed here: UAM Resources. BU Madrid staff will guide students through the registration process but students are responsible for keeping track of deadlines and submitting the required documents. Each facultad will send out information to students via email.
    • ICAI ENG students, the ICAI administrators will contact you, please be sure to follow their instructions in a timely manner.

Change classes once in Madrid

  • You will have until the add/drop deadline (generally about a week after classes begin) to confirm your course selection with the Director/ Academic Affairs Manager. Changes must be made in writing or in person before this deadline. Deadlines vary at the partner institutions (UAM, ICAI) and students should keep track of these.

Internship Placements