Housing Information


The homestay is a unique aspect of Boston University’s Madrid program that allows students to fully integrate themselves into Spanish culture.

Living with a Spanish family is also a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their Spanish and to get to know a local family during their study abroad experience.

In choosing to participate in a study abroad program with a homestay, students need to be flexible and willing to adapt to life in a new home. Our goal at BU Madrid is for students to feel like members of their homestay families during the semester. This includes participating in daily and weekend family activities. In addition, living in a homestay means recognizing and respecting family norms and schedules.

Before departing for Madrid, Miky de Miguel (mmiguel@bu.edu), the housing coordinator, will inform each student of their homestay’s location and will provide you with a brief description of the family members, the house itself, and the neighborhood.

Once in Madrid,  Miky de Miguel will be on call to assist students with any questions or problems that may arise during your stay.

It is possible to switch homestays if the student need to do so.