Madrid Engineering


A one-semester Madrid Engineering Program in the Spring gives sophomore students the opportunity to take technical and engineering courses through the ICAIUniversidad Pontificia de Comillas.

The program consists of five classes

Students enroll in the following four required courses (4.0 credits each):

  • CAS LS XXX Spanish Language (pending placement test results)
    • Taught at the Instituto Internacional 
  • CAS LS 241 Cultures of Spain (Social Science)
    • Instituto Internacional 
  • ENG EK 307 Electric Circuits
    • Taught at ICAI
  • CAS MA 226 Differential Equations
    • ICAI

Students choose one of the following elective courses (4.0 credits):

  • CAS PY 321 Thermal Physics (2.0 credits) and CAS PY 322 Quantum Physics (2.0 credits)
    • Together, PY 321 and PY 322 fulfill the Natural Science Elective
    • ICAI
  • ENG BE 209 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology
    • ICAI

Additionally, ENG students may also opt to fulfill an additional Hub unit by enrolling in HUB SA 220 Cultures in Context. Requirements:

    • Enrollment in a Spanish language or literature class
    • Enrollment in CAS LS 241 Cultures of Spain
    • Taught at the Instituto Internacional

*White lab coat and safety goggles required for lab component. Students should bring them if they already have them or they can purchase them in Madrid if need be. 

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