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Friday, March 27th

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Dinner with the Filipino Association at Boston UniversityVideo:

A Filipino Family Dinner

BU’s Filipino Student Association has promoted Filipino culture and traditions for two decades, with cultural showcases, native dances—and food. Members share weekly meals at a campus dining hall, and once each semester the FSA board prepares a special family dinner of traditional Filipino cuisine for all members.

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BU B.R.A.I.N. Day: At the Mammalian Brain booth, Chelsea Saunders (COM'16) teaches Sabine Nathan, 11, and Rachel Shepard, 10, of Winchester, about the different parts of a sheep’s brain. The event was sponsored by the Mind and Brain Society and the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. Photo by Melissa Ostrow

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BU Abroad

BU offers students the opportunity to study abroad in more than 30 cities on 6 continents. In these videos, BU Today looks at life and learning in faraway places.

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