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Monday, March 2nd

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Crystal Michaelides (CAS’15) (right) looks a tad apprehensive as Dominique Baker (SAR’16) prepares to test her reflexes in a Systems Physiology lab. Photo By Jackie Ricciardi

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Narayanan Bobby Kasthuri, assistant professor of anatomy and neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine Play Video

Untangling the Connectome

MED's Bobby Kasthuri thinks a map of the human brain—the so-called connectome—could help explain how our brains develop from childhood and give deep insights into memory and consciousness. But there’s a problem: the map of one mouse brain would consume about two billion gigabytes of storage.

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Grad Students to Groundbreakers

For more than 11 years, CAS and ENG prof Mark Grinstaff and the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in his Grinstaff Group have been combining their expertise in chemistry, pharmacology, and biomedical and mechanical engineering to tackle complicated medical challenges.

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