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Wednesday, April 16th

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Sharing the story of one billion people: BU's Supply Education Group members demonstrate outside the GSU April 10. For every #worldslumday hashtag shared on social media, New York–based nonprofit the Supply donated $1 to help educate youth in slums worldwide. Photo by Cydney Scott

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117th Boston Marathon memorial, Boston Marathon bombing, Boston University

BU Remembers

To mark the somber one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon tragedy, BU Today reached out to members of the BU community, asking them to share, in their own words, their memories. We bring you their answers in this special photo essay.

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Nearby Neighborhoods

Boston is famous for its neighborhoods, many of them fun, interesting, and easy to get to. BU Today has assembled a guide to several neighborhoods, with helpful lists of where to eat, shop, and hang.

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