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Wednesday, October 26th

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Threads: Arianna Davis

In our new feature “Threads,” BU Today profiles students who have a keen eye for fashion and a distinct sense of style. First up is Arianna Davis (CAS’18), who says she loves dressing up. “I want each day to be like Halloween,” she says.

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A group of high-achieving BU students, winners of such national, international, and University-wide awards as the Harold C. Case, Dean Elsbeth Melville, Harry S. Truman, and Fulbright scholarships and the Provost’s Scholar Award, were recognized by the Office of the Provost October 22 at the Castle. Elizabeth Loizeaux, associate provost for undergraduate affairs (front, left), and Diane Flynn, scholarships director (front, right). Photo by David Aguirre

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BU Today’s series highlighting services available to University faculty and staff needing help with work-related and personal issues.

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