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Wednesday, April 23rd

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Regenerative Medicine Generates Hope

CReM's Darrell Kotton, Gustavo Mostoslavsky, and George Murphy (the CReM brothers) are willing to share their research discoveries with almost anyone. Their unorthodox philosophy is just one of the things they teach the center's next generation of stem cell researchers.

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Spring has sprung: Casey Tucker (CFA’14) (from left) and Selima Smith-Dell (CFA’14) play a lighthearted game of Connect Four in front of the College of Fine Arts—Savanna Young-Norris (CFA’14) may be awaiting her turn. Photo by Cydney Scott

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BU Clubs

From beekeeping to photography, rocket propulsion to religion, BU has more than 500 student organizations to engage almost any interest. These are just a few.

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