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Friday, September 4th

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Now Arriving: The Class of 2019

Among the many accomplished members of the Class of 2019 are the cofounder of a company teaching elderly people how to use computers, another who has studied the breeding habits of Costa Rican sea turtles, an instructor teaching therapeutic horseback riding to children with disabilities, a fundraiser for the National Humane Society, and the founder of a tennis camp for low-income children.

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Marine Sergeant Nick Rapport (SAR’19) (left) and Staff Sergeant Jonathan Chan (Questrom’17) were among the veterans attending BU’s first benefits orientation, held at the GSU September 1. Photo by Cydney Scott

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Icons Among Us

An icon is something whose meaning outstrips its function. It’s hard to say exactly when objects rise to the status of icon, but we know them when we see them, and around BU, there are many to see: the BU Bridge, the Citgo sign, the Castle, and the BU Beach.

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