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Monday, March 25th

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Operatic superstar Renée Fleming (standing, left) gave a master class to BU and New England Conservatory students, among them Opera Institute soprano Ashlee Lamar (CFA), at Jordan Hall March 12. NEC pianist Chelsea Whitaker accompanied the singers. The class was coordinated by Phyllis Hoffman (CFA’61,’67), a CFA professor of music. Photo by Andrew Hurlbut/NEC

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Back in Boston, Jaskiel and Goss walk along the harbor, occasionally picking up bits of plastic dotting Carson Beach. They now believe marine plants near Boston and other coastal cities, like the Turneffe Atoll seagrasses, are also likely at risk of microplastic contamination. Photo credit: Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

BU Undergrad Researchers Find Microplastic Pollution in Seagrasses

Two BU undergrads doing a marine semester in Belize made a startling discovery in 2017: microplastics residing inside the lowest rungs of the ocean’s herbivore food chain, the tiny plants nourishing sea-dwelling vegetarians like parrotfish. Their finding—“everybody is playing a role in plastic pollution whether they know it or not”—was published recently in an international journal for marine environmental scientists.

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