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Friday, March 6th

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Li-Ke Ko (CAS '17) prepares to serve during BU Badminton Club practice.Video:

Badminton, Anyone?

Wielding willowy rackets, T-shirt clad students send shuttlecocks sailing over nets, thwacks and whispered pings making a chorus with mouse squeaks of sneakered feet on hardwood. Polite quiet is the rule at BU Badminton Club matches: no rambunctious cheers, no mocking opponents–and no hairy, half-naked guy bellowing.

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The Marsh Chapel Choir has been called the musical heart of the University. With a repertoire drawn largely from the European classical tradition, its reputation extends far beyond campus. Here the choir rehearses Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil for a February 28 concert: (front row, from left) Kevin Neel (STH’16), BU choral scholar Samuel Kreidenweis, and Christopher Simon (STH’17). Photo by Cydney Scott

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BU Clubs

From beekeeping to photography, rocket propulsion to religion, BU has more than 500 student organizations to engage almost any interest. These are just a few.

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