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Wednesday, July 30th

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Doctor Alex Walley, Boston Public Health Commission methadone clinic, Naloxone opioid overdose prescription drug, Narcan opioid overdose prescription drug, opiate overdose, fatal opioid overdose in Massachusetts

The Addiction Puzzle, Part 1: An Overdose Lifeline

As medical director of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Pilot Program, MED’s Alexander Walley is helping to save lives and reduce the commonwealth's opioid overdose death rate.

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Team "George Lucas": Middle school students George Montero (left) and Lucas Cardoso test their robotic sweeper as part of the College of Engineering's UDesign workshop. The program teaches young people how to apply real-world coding techniques and prepares them for futures in science and engineering. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

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