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Thursday, April 27th

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How to enjoy a sunny spring day: a river, a friend, and a hammock seem like just the ticket for Kenzie Joyce (CAS'20) (left) and Victoria Russell (CAS'20). Photo by Cydney Scott

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BU Dining Fresh Food Co cook Jean St. Joy makes pizzas int he Warren Towers dining hall Play Video

Behind the Scenes at BU Dining Services

If preparing and serving 13,000 meals a day sounds mind-boggling (as well it should), watch how it’s done as BU Today takes a behind-the-scenes look at Dining Services’ nearly 24-hour-a-day operation. Hundreds of people work thousands of hours, preparing, cooking, and serving—and then cleaning up.

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Nearby Neighborhoods

Boston is famous for its neighborhoods, many of them fun, interesting, and easy to get to. BU Today has assembled a guide to several neighborhoods, with helpful lists of where to eat, shop, and hang.

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