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Sunday, October 4th

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The Field Commander

Sally Starr has been patrolling the sidelines as head coach of BU field hockey for 35 years, transforming it from a fledgling varsity sport into a national powerhouse. It hasn’t always been easy. For 12 years after losing Nickerson Field in 2001, the team led a nomadic existence. But when New Balance Field was completed in 2013, the Terriers got a home of their own.

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The Samuel M. Fineman Law Library was dedicated September 25 in honor of William Schwartz (LAW’55, DGE’52, GRS’60), a former School of Law dean, and his wife, Bernice. Pictured: LAW Dean Maureen O’Rourke (from left), the Schwartzes, Fineman (LAW’72,’87), Fineman's fiancée, Nyla Carleton, and President Robert A. Brown. Photo by John Gillooly

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Icons Among Us

An icon is something whose meaning outstrips its function. It’s hard to say exactly when objects rise to the status of icon, but we know them when we see them, and around BU, there are many to see: the BU Bridge, the Citgo sign, the Castle, and the BU Beach.

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