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Thursday, March 22nd

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Choreographer and dancer Yo-EL Cassel gives his CFA freshman movement class, most acting majors, some unusual assignments. Here, Cagil Aydiner (CFA’21) and Ryan Gold (CFA’21) are using movement concepts to blend in with their environment (the GSU) on March 20. Photo by Maddie Malhotra (COM’19)

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My Own Boston: Jake D’Ambra

The latest installment of our ongoing “My Own Boston” series features business student and jazz musician Jake D’Ambra (Questrom’19). Wait—business and jazz? Together? D’Ambra explains as he takes us on a tour of his favorite Boston jazz clubs, Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen and Wally’s Café, with a pit stop at West Campus record store In Your Ear.

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