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Thursday, February 11th

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Stage Troupe’s Tech Show: “Where the actors tech, the techies act, and the audience stays the same.” Usually based on a movie or TV show, the show is a surprise. Find out on February 12 at 7 p.m. or February 13 at 7 p.m. or midnight, but don’t ask Caitlin Fournier (CAS'18) (from left), Chris Remillard (CAS'18), Taylor Tessitore (CAS'18), or Jason Fox (CAS'16) to spill the beans. Photo by Cydney Scott

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Love at BU

Finding Love on Comm Ave

To mark Cupid's big day, BU Today visited some local Terrier couples to find out how they got together. Among the stories: a car accident, Life Savers, an elevator, a square dance, and cheerleading. Have a story to share? Add it to the Comment section.

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Series Spotlight

One Class, One Day

Class by class, lecture by lecture, question asked by question answered, an education is built. This is a series of visits to one class, on one day, in search of those building blocks at BU.

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