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Tuesday, April 21st

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2015 Battle of the Bands winner: The Shuga Bees took first place in the annual face-off April 16 at BU Central. Members Sarah Berns (COM’16) and Dan Vitale, on drums, and Travis Nelson, on guitar, both from Berklee College of Music, won a paid gig at a Boston Calling Summer Block Party. Photo by Esther Ro (COM’15)

Special Report

Darrel Kotton, Andrew Wilson, and Finn Hawkins in the Center for Regenerative Medicine's Kotton-Wilson-Ikonomou lab View Series

Cracking the NIH Code

Part three of a four-part series. Funding is down, labs are closing, good research is being shelved. But not everywhere. Darrell Kotton and his colleagues have built a system that works, even in hard times.

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Series Spotlight

The Climate Crisis

BU researchers explore the science behind earth’s environmental changes, and what they mean for our future.

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