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Monday, June 29th

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The next wave: the Class of 2019 has not yet matriculated, but prospective Class of 2020 students are beginning their college search. Admissions tour leaders like Franny Lown (CAS'16), here leading a tour of campus June 17, are experts in walking backwards. Photo by Cydney Scott

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Student demonstrating proper treadmill use at FitRec.

Tread Attentively on That Treadmill

An estimated 50 million Americans now use treadmills. But with 24,000 injuries and 30 deaths from 2002 to 2013, most recently Silicon Valley executive David Goldberg, using them safely is increasingly important. FitRec's Mike Lagomarsine offers some treadmill safety tips here.

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Nearby Neighborhoods

Boston is famous for its neighborhoods, many of them fun, interesting, and easy to get to. BU Today has assembled a guide to several neighborhoods, with helpful lists of where to eat, shop, and hang.

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