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Monday, September 25th

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BU’s annual Fall Arts Fair, with activities and giveaways, lets students explore BU and Boston arts organizations and get info on free museum entry, BSO rehearsals, and more. Caitlin McCombs (COM’20) contributes to a MASSCreative poster Friday at the Metcalf Ballroom. Photo by Maddie Malhotra (COM’19)

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Myles Standish gets a facelift. Superimposed image of a student from over 15 years ago on top of a photo of a recently refurbished room.

Myles Face-lift, Part One

Built in the mid 1920s, the Myles Standish Hotel was a posh home to lavish balls, society weddings, and political functions. Almost untouched since BU bought it in 1949 for a men’s dorm, it’s now being renovated to the tune of $133 million. BU Today explores the massive undertaking.

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Lunch, Anyone?

BU Today features Boston lunch spots of interest to the BU community.

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