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Monday, May 4th

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Annual homage to spring: every year scores of BU groundsworkers, among them Jorge Marquinhos, plant thousands of colorful annuals all around campus. Photo by Esther Ro (COM'15)

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Points of Departure: “Skating the Program of My Life”

Graduating senior Katharine Huntley-Bachers (COM'15) reflects on coming back from surgery to fulfill her dream of competing in the Intercollegiate National Championships with the BU Figure Skating Club, and on the help and support of her fellow skaters and coach.

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Icons Among Us

An icon is something whose meaning outstrips its function. It’s hard to say exactly when objects rise to the status of icon, but we know them when we see them, and around BU, there are many to see: the BU Bridge, the Citgo sign, the Castle, and the BU Beach.

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