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Monday, April 27th

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The Morning After Gatsby's Brunch: an all-white fashion show, jazz performances, and special guests (including these models from an unidentified planet in a galaxy far, far away) helped celebrate the Spring/Summer issue of the student fashion magazine Off The Cuff at the Trustees Ballroom April 12. Photo by Cydney Scott

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Too Many Postdocs, Too Little Funding

Part four of a four-part series. You’ve committed yourself to science and spent years training to be an academic researcher. But there are too many biomedical research postdocs and not enough permanent faculty jobs. Now what? The School of Medicine has launched an NIH-funded program to figure it out.

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Lunch, Anyone?

BU Today features Boston lunch spots of interest to the BU community. Check out our list of lunchtime tips on Foursquare.

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