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Saturday, May 30th

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A Look Back at 2014–2015 in Pictures

Before summer officially arrives, we are taking a look back at the 2014–2015 school year with a slideshow of some of the best of BU Today’s “Close-Ups.”

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Facilities worker Luis Barbosa cleans the concrete floor of the ice hockey rink at the Walter Brown Arena on Thursday, May 28. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

In Your Words

  • That’s one of our local red-tailed hawks. How lucky to have it land right outside your window!

    Is That a Hawk?

  • I admire your stick-to-id-ness even after having an Asperger's child, unfortunately I can't maintain the same belief after my husband …

    POV: It’s Time to Take the Controversy Out of Vaccination

  • Lets uphold our cultures and learn African languages together with Foreign languages...http://ku.ac.ke/schools/humanities/index.php/departments/foreign-languages

    Speaking, Cooking and Singing in Zulu

  • Nice write-up of the Lindy. There are some basic moves that are choreographed, but the Lindy Hop does allow for …

    Do the Lindy Hop


Series Spotlight

Grad Students to Groundbreakers

For more than 11 years, CAS and ENG prof Mark Grinstaff and the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in his Grinstaff Group have been combining their expertise in chemistry, pharmacology, and biomedical and mechanical engineering to tackle complicated medical challenges.

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