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Thursday, October 2nd

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The Scottish play (Macbeth to the nonsuperstitious) was brought to the BU Beach last month by the New Repertory Theatre. Among those mesmerized were Tyler Cotner (CFA'18) and Sarah Mankey (CAS'18). Photo by Cydney Scott

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The Rainmaker

The salt marshes in Provincetown are no one’s choice for sunbathing. Assuming you’re not swallowed by hidden knee-high sinkholes, your feet squelch in muck crawling with fiddler crabs. But Hollie Emery (GRS’16) and her team don’t let that faze them or deter their climate change research.

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BU Clubs

From beekeeping to photography, rocket propulsion to religion, BU has more than 500 student organizations to engage almost any interest. These are just a few.

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