Receiving Mail

Any mail or packages should be sent to the BU Madrid office. Mail will them be sorted by your last name.

Please send mail to the following address:

Boston University in Madrid
Instituto Internacional en España
Calle Miguel Ángel, 8
28010 Madrid – España

Please be aware that customs will not allow certain things to be sent! BU Madrid cannot be held responsible or liable for decisions made by Spanish customs.

  • Do not have your parents or friends send you any electronics, medicine, cosmetics, lotions, food, milk products, etc., as these are likely to be stopped at customs and sent back to the U.S. at the expense of the sender.
  • If they do send you something (i.e. clothes, books, etc.) make sure that they write “USED” and/or “For Personal Use ONLY”.

Procedures and Regulations for Receiving Packages in Spain

Sending Mail

buzones correos

There are two tobacco shops (estancos) near the BU Madrid facilities where students may buy stamps (sellos):

Calle Miguel Ángel, 20.

Calle  Zurbano, 52.  

Make sure to drop your letters in the yellow mailboxes throughout the city, not the green ones!