Academic Policies

All students are subject to BU’s Academic Code of Conduct

  • Must take a full course load for a grade (16 credits)
  • All coursework must be completed prior to end of program
  • If accommodations are needed, notify BU Study Abroad and BU’s Office of Disability Services
  • Attendance policies:
    • Class attendance is mandatory. The only absences that will be considered excused are those with an accompanying doctor’s note (justificante).
    • It is the student’s responsbility to notify their instuctors of absences. BU Madrid staff does not excuse absences.
    • Personal travel must NOT conflict with academic obligations
    • BU Policy on Religious Observance
    • More than 4 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade ‘F’ for the course. 
    • Internship: Students should note that attendance at the internship itself is mandatory. While your final grade will be determined by your academic work in the class, your performance at your internship will be also taken into consideration.
    • Further details will be given during the on-site orientation and/or in syllabi.

  • The language placement test serves as a guide, but the on-site Spanish language instructors will have final say in assessing language level and placement in an appropriate class.  
  • No more than two 300-level Spanish language courses (LS 306, 307, 309, 310) may be taken for credit at Boston University; students who have already taken two 300-level language courses should choose a literature course and three elective courses. Please consult your academic advisor for any major/minor credit requirements. 
  • Native Spanish speakers should enroll in a 400-level class.
  • If you have any academic requirements or constraints that prevent you from taking a language/ literature class, please contact Amalia Pérez-Juez at
  • All students should confirm in advance with their academic advisors which courses may be taken for major, minor, and departmental requirements, and which courses may be taken for elective credit.

Students should be aware that course selection varies from semester to semester, depending on the needs of the group as a whole as well as professor’s availability. Classes are subject to a minimum enrollment that must be met in order to be held. Classes are also subject to a max occupancy number and should this number be reached, no additional students will be admitted.  BU Madrid may open wait lists for these classes. Registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis, but there are certain groups with priority enrollment (see below).

Priority Enrollment: certain academic groups may have limited options for their courses, therefore they have priority enrollment in certain classes. Students in Spanish levels LS 111-LS 212 can only choose from electives in English. Should the max enrollment be reached, students in the higher levels of Spanish (300+) will be asked to switch to an elective taught in Spanish. They may be added to a wait list. The same applies to certain groups who have limited schedules (ENG, SCI programs): these students will have priority enrollment in those classes held during the afternoon.

Students in higher levels of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take most, if not all, of their electives in Spanish. They will be permitted to enroll in the English-language electives on a space-permitting basis.

BU will provide students with the use of audio-guides during offsite class visits as well as group field trips. Students are responsible for the proper use of said audio-guides and if it is lost, stolen, or damaged, this will result in having to pay for a replacement guide. We also ask that they be returned in a timely fashion after use.


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