BU in Madrid students will spend a night in Córdoba.

A Iberian and Roman city in ancient times, Córdoba was a capital of the Islamic caliphate and one of the largest cities and cultural centers in the world during the Middle Ages.  Córdoba is home to the magnificent 10th Century Mezquita, a mosque later turned into a cathedral, which is an impressive mix of Muslim and Gothic art.

BU students will have the opportunity to visit the Mezquita as well as Alcázar of Córdoba with its beautiful gardens and attend a flamenco show.

Please note the students are made aware that by signing their name on the trip sign-up sheets, they are committing themselves to participate in an activity organized by the Boston University Madrid program that generates expenses. In the case that they do not participate for any reason (excluding medical reasons), they are liable for all non-refundable costs associated with their expected attendance.