Student Testimonials

BU Madrid in a Word: Students wrote about their study abroad experience in Madrid with a word and/or picture that resonated with them the most. Check out what some of our Spring 2020 students had to say. Below, students reflected upon their experience, highlighting the BU Madrid Faculty and Staff that made their semester abroad unique!

MSES Student (Spring 2020)

“Thank you so much for everything you guys did to put that together and make it work even though we’re all in different parts of the world right now. I will miss you guys so much and will definitely come back. You all have done an amazing job taking care of us and making us feel less depressed about leaving Madrid! Even though I’m sure you were all dealing with your own craziness at home it always felt like you guys were thinking of us and encouraging us to stay connected through all of our little activities and competitions (which I hope still continue by the way). You guys really made us feel like a big family rather than a program or obligation. I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy with your families. <3 Os echaré de menos, y muchos besos y abrazos!”

ENG Student (Spring 2020)

“You guys are amazing.”

MSES Student (Spring 2020)

“It was a lotta fun- thank you guys for organizing it and we’re never gonna forget y’all or how great of a team you were to us <3. We miss you too, mad love!! Always”

MSES Student (Spring 2020)

“Thank you for the shout out during la fiesta!! Thank you guys so so much for making this semester so amazing and for a great work study experience. I am definitely planning on visiting soon! <3.”

ENG Student (Spring 2020)

“Again, I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this program and to have you guys as a wonderful support system throughout the program. Until next time.”

MIP2 Internship Student (Spring 2020)

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Madrid. That i don’t think about the what if’s and all the things I had left to do. Nevertheless, I left with tears in my eyes knowing I had just experienced something special and you are a huge part of making that happen. SO thank you MY GUYS! The way you guys handled this mayhem is admirable. You cared for us like family and I know that’s a sentiment that is shared and appreciated among us.”

“I tell you all this because if this pandemic has taught me anything is that we don’t say enough, were not open enough. It is because all of you saw us as human beings, individuals that from the moment you guys picked us up from the airport you guys encouraged human connections and interactions. Maybe you guys were preparing us. All I know is that we all have unfinished business in Madrid, and I hope to see you there. You guys are forever in my heart”

MSES Student (Spring 2020)

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support and help in the hospital and with my ankle! My parents and I are incredibly grateful, thank you for making my time in Spain so easy and enjoyable even with a broken ankle.”

Internship Student (Spring 2020)

 The highlight of my study abroad experience was, “finding a new family in a new home and making memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There are some decisions we make in life that forever change us for the better. Studying abroad in the BU Madrid program was one of those decisions for me, and it will be for you too.”

Spring 2019

The highlights of my study abroad experience were, “my host family, my classes, the BU Madrid field trips and cultural opportunities.” I would recommend BU Madrid Study Abroad because it was the, “best experience of my life!”

Spring 1998

“My husband and I met on the BU Madrid Program. We will always cherish the program for bringing us together and for cultivating a love of Spain in our lives. The BU Madrid Program is the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out!”

MSES Student (Summer 2019)

Some of the highlights of my study abroad experience were, “I loved my Granada trip! I also loved how no two days of my time abroad were the same. Since I was in the Spanish Studies program, the whole country was basically my learning environment. And I grew so much from studying abroad even if it was just six weeks. Imagine learning something new (about yourself, the Spanish language, and your environment) every time you stepped outside the door. That’s how I felt during my abroad experience and it was exhilarating! Highly recommend going to Madrid! Madrid is a beautiful place and every day is like a new adventure there. The organizers of the Madrid program are so nice and I always felt like I always knew who to go to for help. There are also so many discounts as a BU Madrid student (like museums, etc.)-they’re practically encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone. Through the BU Madrid program, I was placed with an amazing host family who taught me more about Spain and became like another support system for me!”

BU Madrid Student Testimonials

Did you study abroad with BU Madrid? What were some of the program's highlights /why did you chose to study abroad with us? This information can help prospective students decide if this program is right for them! Thank you for your time!

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