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BU Madrid Study Abroad Alumni can be found all over the world. Connect with us here at BU Madrid as well as other alumni based in Spain and abroad that have participated in the program.

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Alumni Auxiliares

Spain has a government-sponsored program that invites native English speakers to teach in public schools all over the country. Some of our former Study Abroad students had such an amazing experience in Madrid that they returned to Spain to participate in this program! Check out their stories below:

Check out BU Madrid Study Abroad’s Trip Down Memory Lane video in celebration of International Education Week 2020:

Featured Study Abroad Alumna- Mia Ballon, BU Madrid, Spring 2015

“I’m going to sound cliché, but study abroad changed my life. I made lifelong friends, improved my Spanish ten-fold, and got the opportunity to live and work in another country.

BU’s Internship Program in Madrid was the best program I could’ve asked for. Working alongside Spanish coworkers during my internship helped me improve my Spanish tremendously. Living with a host family was also an amazing experience. My host parents were extremely generous and patient with helping me and my roommate improve our Spanish, and also they had just gotten a puppy which pretty much made my semester. I got really close with the people in my program, and we ended up traveling together to neighboring cities and countries on the weekends.

I moved to Miami a few years ago, and call on my Spanish skills often. I wouldn’t be able to communicate in Spanish the way I do today if it hadn’t been for studying abroad in Madrid.

I recently stopped in Madrid during vacation and visited my host family. I felt so lucky to have a family in another part of the world that I can visit and recall lovely memories with. And the puppy got huge, but is still as playful as ever.”

-Mia Ballon  (BU Madrid Study Abroad, Spring 2015)

(Seen in the picture above, Mia and her host family during her recent trip to Madrid)