Madrid Science



Boston University in Madrid, in conjunction with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), offers a one-semester Science Program in the Fall.

The program consists of four classes (4.0 credits):

  • One Spanish language/ literature course (pending placement test results)
    • Taught at the Instituto Internacional 
  • Two or three science classes
    • CAS BI 203 Cell Biology  
    • CAS CH 203 Organic Chemistry
    • CAS MA 213 Basic Statistics and Probability 
    • Taught at the UAM (local university, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • One elective class, if applicable, at the Instituto
    • For students who opt to take only two SCI courses
    • Taught at the Instituto Internacional

Students may also opt to fulfill additional Hub units by completing the following:

HUB SA 230 The Individual in Community with Study Abroad

HUB SA 225 Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy with Study Abroad

Undergraduate students who study abroad can fulfill a single Hub requirement in The Individual in Community (IIC) or Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (GCIL). No course enrollment is required. This is separate from and in addition to any courses a student may take while abroad that satisfy IIC/GCIL.

What is it?

  • 0-credit course
  • Available to BU undergraduate students studying abroad
  • Requires a written reflection of 750-1000 words submitted for review to the Hub
  • Fulfills 1 Hub requirement in IIC or GCIL

        UAM Registration Instructions

        *White lab coat and safety goggles required for lab component. Students should bring them if they already have them or they can purchase them in Madrid if need be. 

        **An important note about the UAM SCIENCE academic schedule: The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has shared a tentative academic schedule of the science courses you will be taking. The host university has scheduled classed Monday through Friday with exams scheduled on Friday afternoons. Additionally, lab work is tentatively scheduled to take place during one intensive week in late November. There is no flexibility with this schedule, as it is determined by the host university and has been determined based on laboratory space and restraints. Please keep this tentative academic schedule in mind as you prepare for your semester and consider independent travel you wish to pursue. As a reminder, in accordance with BU academic policy, exams and classes cannot be missed, and independent travel should not be booked prior to arriving in Madrid and receiving a detailed academic and program calendar.

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