Madrid Spanish & European Studies


The Madrid Spanish and European Studies Program offers a semester of study and cultural immersion in Spain’s capital for students of all levels of Spanish proficiency.

By combining the study of Spanish language with courses focused on Spanish and European art, cinema, culture, history, literature and politics, students have the opportunity to experience life in a dynamic European city while engaged in coursework that will fit well into their curricula and requirements.

Courses are taught by Spanish and international faculty at the Instituto Internacional.

The program consists of four classes (4.0 credits each):

  • One Spanish language or literature course (pending placement test results)
  • Three elective courses

Required Spanish language or literature course:

  • Students who are not BU students or who have never taken a Spanish course at BU are required to take the Language Placement test. Students currently taking a Spanish course at BU (or have equivalent credit) will continue on to the next level.
  • Students who have already completed four semesters of Spanish, or the equivalent, can enroll in two 300-level language courses.
  • No more than two 300-level Spanish language courses (LS 306, 307, 309, 310) may be taken for credit at Boston University; students who have already taken two 300-level language courses should choose a literature course and three elective courses.

Students select three courses from the electives offered in English or in Spanish, depending on their interest and proficiency level.

*Elective course offerings vary and may not be offered every semester.


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