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Alumni Profile: Samantha Middleton (COM ’16)

Meet recent grad, Samantha! Since graduating from the Emerging Media Studies master’s program this summer, Samantha has landed a job in an advertising agency in Downtown Boston. Interested in her advice on success for current and prospective students in the program and beyond? So were we! Check out what Sam has to say about courses, balancing… Read More

COM grad pioneers new technology at Google

Google wants to play a leading role in VR through technologies such as Cardboard, which was released in 2014. And it’s part of Nooka Jones’ job to figure out how to make that happen. Jones (’10) is marketing manager and team lead at Google Creative Lab, a think tank in the company’s marketing division. His… Read More

Professor’s research goes national

To study TV viewers’ engagement with shows and stories featuring “anti-hero” characters, professor and co-director of the Communication Research Center Mina Tsay-Vogel is looking beyond the past research that suggests viewers enjoy watching “good” characters win and “bad” characters lose. In a 2013 study published in Mass Communication and Society, Tsay-Vogel and a professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado… Read More

Media Ventures graduate student learns to “Win from Within”

Garima Sharma shares what she learned from MAKERS 2016, a 36-hour action-plan to nurture leaders of tomorrow. Dr. Seuss said, “There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.” If the wise doctor had accompanied me to the MAKERS 2016 conference earlier this month, he’d have been proud of me… Read More

Professor Profile: Jacob Groshek

Assistant Professor, Emerging Media How did you become involved in the emerging media field? Broadly speaking, I began working professionally with communication technology as a mechanic, where monitoring performance and diagnosing problems were becoming increasingly digitized. From there, I continued my training and earned a Bachelor’s degree in technology education while pursuing journalism as an… Read More

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