COM professors sought for commentary recently include:

Election 2012/Politics

Fred Bayles

Fred Bayles
Director, State House Program
Associate Professor, Journalism

Boston Herald, Schieffer gets high marks (10/23/12)
World News Australia, Interview: Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts governor (10/17/12)
KCRW “To The Point”, Which of the Two Candidates Really Wants to Be President? (10/9/12)
CNN “Newsroom”, The “Real” Mitt Romney (10/6/12), Romney is back to loving Massachusetts (10/5/12)
WCVB, Brown distances himself from GOP leaders (10/5/12)

Tobe Berkovitz

Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor, Advertising

Boston Herald, Unpopular, sarcastic Obama 3.0 (10/30/12)
WBUR, Campaign Ad Music: It’s All About Emotional Response (10/26/12)
Chicago Tribune, Third-party candidates make their cases in Chicago debate (10/24/12)
Boston Herald, Schieffer on hot seat as moderator (10/22/12)
Newsmax, Media: Debate Tie = Win for Obama (10/17/12)
Reuters, Analysis: Obama regains his footing in feisty second debate (10/17/12)
The Hill, Biden dominates with sharp performance (10/12/12)
The Hill, Anti-Obama ads ignore drop in jobless rate (10/10/12)
The Hill, Dems hope Biden can blunt Romney momentum post-debate” (10/5/12)
Boston Herald, Pundits: Prez in ‘White House bubble’ (10/5/12)
Boston Globe, Bill Clinton bringing star power to N.H. for Obama (10/3/12)
Boston Herald, Brown’s edge on status quo (10/2/12)
Boston Herald, Debate gaffe can end a career (10/1/12)

John Carroll

John Carroll
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication, The optics of politics: Seeing campaigns through a multicultural kaleidoscope (10/26/12)
WCVB, Commitment 2012 (10/27/12)
NECN, Broadside: Campaign ad watch (10/27/12)
MassLive, National pro-life group sends out mailers supporting Scott Brown, who is a pro-choice Republican (10/25/12)
WBUR “Radio Boston”, Polling Turnaround: Warren Now Leads Brown (10/25/12)
Washington Times, Debating for Dummies: From Dukakis to Ford, some things are better left unsaid (10/15/12)
WBUR “Here and Now”, Addressable TV Ads: Your TV May Be Watching You (10/10/12)
WCVB “Chronicle”, The Boston Phoenix has risen anew (10/6/12)
New Hampshire Public Radio, Parsing Political Advertising (10/4/12)

fiedler headshot

Thomas Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication
Professor of the Practice, Journalism

PoliticoArena, Could Hurricane Sandy impact Election Day? (10/29/12)
PoliticoArena, Will Mitt be damaged by Mourdock’s rape comment? (10/24/12)
NECN, Road to the White House (10/16/12)
WGBH “Greater Boston”, Beat the Press: Jacked (10/12/12)
WGBH “Greater Boston”, Beat the Press: Malala (10/12/12)
WGBH “Greater Boston”, Beat the Press: Obiased? (10/12/12)
Boston Globe (subscription required), Brown, Warren focus on Boston media market (10/9/12)


Tobe Berkovitz

Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor, Advertising

Boston Herald, Sandy to be boon for sweeps (10/29/12)

Caryl Rivers

Caryl Rivers
Professor, Journalism

WBUR “Cognoscenti”, Female Hormones: A Dangerous Myth Persists (10/12/12)


Douglas Starr
Professor, Journalism

The Record, Dracula and the Origins of Evil (10/31/12)

John Verret

John Verret
Associate Professor, Advertising

Market Place, For some businesses, words can’t express what they do (10/24/12)

Susan Walker

Susan Walker
Professor, Journalism

Boston Herald, Scott Brown frees TV stations from a sticky situation (10/30/12)


Garland Waller

Garland Waller
Assistant Professor, Television

Huffington Post, No Way Out But One: Custody, Abuse and the Family Courts (10/27/12)

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