Lauren Wise

Lauren A. Wise, ScD

Professor, Epidemiology - Boston University School of Public Health


Dr. Wise joined the Department of Epidemiology in 2004 after completing her doctorate at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has an interest in reproductive and perinatal epidemiology. Her research involves the study of benign gynecologic conditions, delayed conception, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Wise is principal investigator of Boston University Pregnancy Study Online (PRESTO) and co-investigator of Snart Gravid ("Soon Pregnant") and Snart Foraeldre ("Soon Parents") studies, web-based prospective cohort studies of time-to-pregnancy and birth outcomes in North America and Denmark ( Dr. Wise is also principal investigator of NIH-funded studies investigating environmental and genetic determinants of uterine fibroids in African-American women, including an ancillary R01 study of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and fibroids in the Study of Environment, Lifestyle, and Fibroids (SELF) in Detroit, Michigan (

Other Positions

  • Member, Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research - Boston University


  • Harvard University, ScD Field of Study: Epidemiology
  • Bowdoin College, AB Field of Study: Biochemistry
  • Harvard University, SM/ScM Field of Study: Epidemiology

Classes Taught

  • SPHEP759
  • SPHEP911


  • Published on 8/1/2022

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  • Published on 7/25/2022

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  • Published on 7/23/2022

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  • Published on 7/20/2022

    Zagnoli F, Filippini T, Jimenez MP, Wise LA, Hatch EE, Vinceti M. Is Greenness Associated with Dementia? A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-analysis. Curr Environ Health Rep. 2022 Jul 20. PMID: 35857243.

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  • Published on 6/1/2022

    Willis MD, Orta OR, Ncube C, Wesselink AK, Ðoàn LN, Kirwa K, Boynton-Jarrett R, Hatch EE, Wise LA. Association Between Neighborhood Disadvantage and Fertility Among Pregnancy Planners in the US. JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Jun 01; 5(6):e2218738. PMID: 35771576.

    Read At: PubMed
  • Published on 5/1/2022

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  • Published on 4/24/2022

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  • Published on 4/1/2022

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    Read At: PubMed
  • Published on 3/28/2022

    Schildroth S, Wise LA, Wesselink AK, Bethea TN, Fruh V, Taylor KW, Calafat AM, Baird DD, Claus Henn B. Correlates of non-persistent endocrine disrupting chemical mixtures among reproductive-aged Black women in Detroit, Michigan. Chemosphere. 2022 Jul; 299:134447. PMID: 35358566.

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  • Published on 3/13/2022

    Wesselink AK, Willis SK, Laursen ASD, Mikkelsen EM, Wang TR, Trolle E, Tucker KL, Rothman KJ, Wise LA, Hatch EE. Protein-rich food intake and risk of spontaneous abortion: a prospective cohort study. Eur J Nutr. 2022 Aug; 61(5):2737-2748. PMID: 35279733.

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