SPH, an innovator in public health education, has a new and flexible curriculum designed to prepare students for a range of careers. Students gain a strong, integrated, problem-based foundation in the values, history, methods, and functions of public health, then build skills and expertise in the specialized area they choose.

Our students hail from more than 45 countries and speak more than 60 different languages, among them Zulu, Russian, Khmer, Italian, Arabic, Bengali, Haitian Creole, and Punjabi. They benefit from the school’s rich, complex mix of backgrounds and perspectives, for diversity is essential to our scholarship—and invaluable to our health as a community.

Our students graduate with the openness and cross-cultural understanding essential to practicing public health effectively in the 21st century. They represent the changemakers of tomorrow, bringing with them strong academic credentials and a passion for social justice, human rights, and public health practice.

“I was fortunate to have a full-tuition scholarship,” says Salma Abdalla (SPH’16), who was born and raised in Sudan.

The critical importance of your support

As a Top 10 public health school, SPH competes for students at the highest level. Making the school affordable for all qualified students, no matter what their economic circumstances, is an overriding priority. Scholarship help is critical.

For our students, it means the freedom to pursue rewarding careers in areas that are not generally high-paying ones. For us, it means being able to maintain our proud traditions of diversity and inclusion.

Endowed and current-use scholarships, along with stipends supporting travel for internships and practical experiences, are particularly important.

For help exploring which options best fit your interests, please reach out to Jacoba van Heugten, Assistant Dean of Development, at 617-358-3321 or at