Think. Teach. Do.

“The School of Public Health serves to generate knowledge, transfer that knowledge to the next generation, and to translate that knowledge to key stakeholders and the general public.”

-- Dean Sandro Galea

Why I Give Kara Guerriero (SPH’05)

“It’s important to give back. As public health professionals, most of us are out in the world trying to make it a better place—whether we’re in research, academics, program management, health care administration, advocacy, or public policy. Many of us have had a helping hand along the way, and it’s our responsibility to help those who come after us as they redefine the future of public health. As an alum, i believe that staying connected with SPH and supporting its annual fund is essential to making sure the same stellar education I received will be there for the next generation.“

Thank You

We are tremendously grateful to the alumni and friends of the school who invest their time and resources towards advancing our mission of creating the conditions that improve the health of all, especially vulnerable populations.

Contributions—large and small—truly make a difference in strengthening the School as an agent of change in the world.

There are ten key ways that philanthropy helps to move our work forward. These opportunities align with Think, Teach, Do: the school’s three axes of inspiration. We generate knowledge (think), we educate (teach) and we aim to create healthier populations (do). The following pages illustrate some of the 10 ways that benefactors have stepped up to support SPH as we engage in the issues that advance the public’s health and commit to having an impact on the most compelling public health challenges of our time.

Thank you for all for your work and for your support of the School.