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SPH Admissions Officers are ready to help you through the application process, from step one of exploring our programs, all the way to accepting your offer of admission and joining the SPH community.

Ann Marie Larese, MBA
Assistant Dean, Admissions
(617) 358-4095

Terrance C. Logan, M.Ed.
Associate Director of Admissions
(617) 358-3221

Katie Hoskins, M.Ed.
Assistant Director of Admissions
(617) 358-3185
Let’s chat about our doctoral programs and MS programs. Doctoral applicants are also encouraged to reach out to the program’s academic department.

Denise Joseph
Assistant Director of Admissions
(617) 358-3411
Let’s chat about our Online MPH program.

Elvin Merino
Assistant Director of Admissions
(617) 358-3185
Let’s chat about our dual degrees, or if you’re undecided which program is right for you. Schedule a Virtual Chat

Olivia Owens
Assistant Director of Admissions
(617) 358-4095
Let’s chat about our on-campus MPH program.

Lynette Kelleher
Admissions Assistant
(617) 358-4095


Admissions Office Contact Information

Boston University School of Public Health (map)
Admissions Office
715 Albany Street
Talbot Building
Boston, MA 02118

Phone: (617) 358-4095
Fax: (617) 358-3248