Public Health Writing.

Becoming a better writer is a life-long endeavor and one of the most important skills you will work on during your time at BUSPH. Writing clear, powerful prose is an intellectual and emotional process that involves time, humility, courage, patience, optimism, and deliberate practice. Similar to excelling at a sport or playing beautiful music, becoming a better writer demands daily intentional engagement and constant attention to possibilities for improving process, style, and precision. When the appropriate support and resources are available, any writer who approaches their writing as a practice daily can improve.

The Public Health Writing Program is a resource available to the BUSPH community. Our primary goal is to help writers at all stages take responsibility for improving your writing. Subscribe to the Public Health Writing Program Newsletter.

Why BUSPH Cares About Clear Writing

Thoughts from Professor Jennifer Beard, Director of the Public Health Writing Program and Dean Galea about why we care so much about student writing.

The Language of Public Health, Dean’s Note, November 6, 2016

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