As public health professionals, our task is to use our knowledge, skills, and passion to ensure that all people, especially those who are marginalized, are able to live healthy, fulfilled lives. The Activist Lab is a catalyst for bold public health practice that disrupts injustice with tenacity and compassion. 

The Activist Lab is part of an ecosystem of thinking, teaching, and doing. And public health practice is embedded in every aspect of our school’s mission. 

We believe the practice of public health is to build a just community starting on our campus and also in all of our partnerships and engagements worldwide. The Activist Lab’s relationships and activities offer our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners the opportunity to develop tools they can use to be effective change agents. And we stand with and join local, regional, and national advocates as they confront injustice in the world. 

We, and the world, have been waiting for you.

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