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We conduct research across a range of disciplines focused on developing solutions to complex health challenges. Faculty members engage in studies around the world and in our own local community.

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  • Published On 6/1/2020Limitations of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 metrics: a simulation-based comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal metrics for the HIV care continuum.AIDS (London, England)read at PubMed
  • Published On 6/1/2020Salvage Abdominoperineal Resection for Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Use, Risk Factors, and Outcomes in a Canadian Population.Diseases of the colon and rectumread at PubMed
  • Published On 6/1/2020Registration timelines of antiretroviral medicines in Ghana and Kenya.AIDS (London, England)read at PubMed
  • Published On 5/12/2020Tissue Specific Fate of Nanomaterials by Advanced Analytical Imaging Techniques - A Review.Chemical research in toxicologyread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/10/2020Sexual and gender-based violence during COVID-19: lessons from EbolaThe Conversationread at Custom
  • Published On 5/8/2020What Federalism Means for the US Coronavirus Disease 2019 ResponseJAMA Health Forumread at Custom
  • Published On 5/7/2020Assessing the Veterans Health Administration''s response to intimate partner violence among women: protocol for a randomized hybrid type 2 implementation-effectiveness trial.Implementation science : ISread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/7/2020Smoking-by-genotype interaction in type 2 diabetes risk and fasting glucose.PloS oneread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/7/2020Does cartilage loss cause pain in osteoarthritis and if so, how much?Annals of the rheumatic diseasesread at PubMed
  • Published On 5/7/2020Exogenous hormone use, reproductive factors and risk of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma among women: results from cohort studies in the Liver Cancer Pooling Project and the UK Biobank.British journal of cancerread at PubMed