Generation Health.

Generation Health is a program at the Boston University School of Public Health that provides funding for students completing their practicum, with the goal of creating an opportunity for all students and organizations, committed to the goals of SPH, to engage in a paid practicum.

The practicum is an integral part of a Master of Public Health, providing students with real-world experience and opportunities to apply their learnings. All students must complete a practicum to earn their degree. Some organizations who might most benefit from the work of a BUSPH student may not have the funding to support a practicum. This creates a barrier for students who do not have the option of accepting an unpaid position.

Generation Health aims to close this gap. Through dedicated funding, we are creating pathways for students and organizations who are committed to the mission of the School to engage. We as a School have committed $1 million over the next two years to support Generation Health.

How can I be a Generation Health Champion?
Generation Health Champions are organizations who provide funds to support Generation Health students to work at other organizations that do not have the means to afford a practicum student. Funding from Champions will go straight to our students.

Student Pallavi Puri recently traveled to multiple cities in India to probe the country’s unregulated industry in beedi, or hand-rolled cigarettes. Because of loose regulations, it’s unclear what impact the industry has on its workers, mostly women and children. The women are exposed to tobacco dust, they don’t use gloves, and many of them work from home with children on their lap,” Puri says. “I wanted to understand how their health and livelihood are affected by this hazardous industry.”

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