Faculty research and development.

SPH leads with its ideas. Its faculty generate knowledge that informs policy and shapes behavior—most recently in the coronavirus pandemic, during which faculty have advised government and institutions, spoken frequently in the media, and provided the general public with useful guidance and data.

This is not new for our faculty; their insights and research have been driving cutting-edge progress for decades. Their work has laid the intellectual foundation for patient rights and applied bioethics in the US and around the world. It has formed the research base for drunk-driving laws. SPH plays a key role in the Framingham Heart Study, responsible for much of what is known about the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease; it also leads the Black Women’s Health Study, the largest follow-up study of Black women, which aims to identify risk factors for breast cancer, lupus, and other diseases that disproportionately affect them.

Research with influence takes resources. Our faculty must meticulously gather data, in Boston and well beyond. Our best ideas are time-tested; our most valuable data is that which has been accumulated over years and even decades. And, as a Top 10 public health school, BUSPH competes for faculty at the highest level.

Philanthropy improves and accelerates SPH research by:

  • Providing start-up funds and recruitment packages for new faculty
  • Endowing faculty positions, which are the most effective way to honor and retain faculty of excellence
  • Funding specific, time-bound research projects
  • Relieving junior faculty of teaching responsibilities while they build a research project and portfolio

For help exploring which options best fit your interests, please reach out to Jacoba van Heugten, Assistant Dean of Development, at 617-358-3321 or at jjvh@bu.edu.