With a mission firmly rooted in social justice, SPH aspires to create a healthier world for all. Instrumental to our success is our ability to invest in critical, near-term strategic initiatives—to adapt quickly to the world around us, and to emerging needs and opportunities.

Today, our most urgent efforts are those related to promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice—at SPH, and in the world. Gifts to the flexible Future of Public Health Fund will help advance these efforts.

SPH has placed diversity, equity, inclusive, and justice (DEIJ) at the heart of the school’s strategy. Among many other efforts, and as quickly as time and resources will allow, we will:

  • Continue to roll out DEIJ training for all faculty and staff, with the goal of developing a shared vocabulary around creating a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just world
  • Launch a schoolwide review of our curriculum, engaging all faculty, with attention both to the scholarship that is being elevated and the scholarship that is being sidelined
  • Implement a required course for all MPH students focusing on racism, the history of racial and ethnic inequities, and the experiences of historically marginalized groups
  • Align all future faculty hiring investments with our DEIJ goals
  • Assure that school resources are spent in ways that can improve racial equity in our community
  • Ensure that antiracism efforts permeate the practice portfolio of Activist Lab 2.0
  • Double down on fundraising efforts to create scholarships for minority and underrepresented students
  • Continue to host a range of meaningful events for our students and our whole community, including our regular Racial Justice Talking Circles

This is just a sampling of the many coordinated efforts happening now and soon at SPH—efforts we will revisit frequently and build upon. DEIJ at SPH is not a destination; it is a journey, and one in which the school will always be engaged.

We welcome gifts of any size to the Future of Public Health Fund.

We invite you to learn about our DEIJ goals in more detail.

For help exploring which options best fit your interests, please reach out to Jacoba van Heugten, Assistant Dean of Development, at 617-358-3321 or at jjvh@bu.edu.