Welcome from the BUSPH Career & Practicum Office. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to meeting the needs of students and graduates in multiple ways.

We’re here to:

Help you figure out your career path.​

  • Identify specific roles and settings that could be a match​
  • Teach the MBTI in Leadership and Management and use this tool in advising appointments​
  • Listen to your individual stories and brainstorm ideas to help develop your career strategies​

Help you understand the public health job market. ​

  • We keep our “finger on the job market pulse” with employers and follow market trends​
  • Share these insights via individual career advising and SPH workshops​
  • Host 100+ employers on campus annually so you can learn from and connect with them directly​
  • Online public health career library and Career Path guides broken down by certificate​

Help you market yourself & build your networks.​

  • Prepare an “elevator pitch” to quickly introduce yourself to new people​
  • Host and sponsor events on campus to give you opportunities to practice networking​
  • Host 40+ live and virtual events annually to network with alumni and other professionals​

Help you target & apply to employers who want BUSPH grads.​

        • Cultivate and maintain relationships with hundreds of practicum sites and employers​
        • 3000+ PH focused jobs and 1000+ practicum and PH internship postings on Handshake each year​
        • Employers come to Career Fairs and other events to meet with BUSPH candidates in person​
        • Our employers are located across the globe, with many in the Boston area​

        Help your application stand out to employers & practicum hosts.​

        • While we don’t have the power to extend you a practicum or job offer – that decision is ultimately made by the employer – we can help you finds the tools to:​
          • Network into organizations​
          • Create targeted resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and fellowship statements​
          • Prepare for behavioral and case-based interviews​

        Help you evaluate & negotiate offers. ​

        • Receiving a job offer is thrilling but can sometimes be overwhelming.
          • You need to make a quick decision to accept or reject the offer (is it the right fit?)​
          • You need to determine how (and what) to negotiate (salary, later start date, vacation, etc.)​
        • We can help you think through these decisions and role play the negotiation conversation