European Studies Faculty

College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Anthropology

Arkin, Kimberly
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Scaramelli, Catarina
Research Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Chamley, Christophe
Professor of Economics

Garetto, Stefania
Associate Professor of Economics

Tarek Hassan
Professor of Economics

Department of English

Appleford, Amy
Associate Professor of English

Bizup, Joseph
Associate Professor of English

Breiner, Laurence
Professor of English

Burnett, Archie
Professor of English

Chodat, Robert
Professor of English

Craciun, Adriana
Professor; Emma MacLachlan Metcalf Chair

Foltz, Jonathan
Associate Professor of English

Goodrich, Micah
Assistant Professor of English

Henchman, Anna
Associate Professor of English

Kirchwey, Karl
Professor of English and Creative Writing

Krishnan, Sanjay
Professor of English

Lee, Maurice
Professor of English

Loizeaux, Elizabeth
Professor of English

Martin, Christopher
Professor of English

Murphy, Erin
Associate Professor of English

Preston, Carrie J.
Professor of English and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Professor; Director, Kilachand Honors College

Prince, Michael
Professor of English

Rezek, Joseph
Associate Professor of English; Director, American and New England Studies Program

Siemon, James
Professor of English

Voekel, Swen
Clinical Associate Professor of English

Chris Walsh
Associate Professor of English

Department of History

Backman, Clifford R.
Associate Professor of History

Blower, Brooke L.
Associate Professor of History

Chernock, Arianne
Professor of History

Dellheim, Charles
Professor of History

Haberkern, Phillip
Associate Professor of History

Johnson, James H.
Professor of History

Klepper, Deeana
Associate Professor of History and Religion

Lukes, Igor
Professor of History and International Relations

Payaslian, Simon
Charles K. and Elizabeth M. Kenosian Professor of History

Amalia Pérez-Juez
Adjunct Associate Professor of History; Director of BU Study Abroad, Spain

Peri, Alexis
Associate Professor of History

Zatlin, Jonathan R.
Associate Professor of History

Department of History of Art & Architecture

Abramson, Daniel
Professor, American and European Architecture

An, Christina
Lecturer, Baroque Art

Cranston, Jodi
Professor, Renaissance Art

Cumming, Robert
Adjunct Professor, History of Art & Architecture

Haenraets, Jan
Professor of Practice, Preservation Studies; Director, Preservation Studies

Hall, Melanie
Associate Professor, Museum Studies; Director, Museum Studies

Kahn, Deborah
Associate Professor, Medieval Art

Martin, S. Rebecca
Associate Professor Greek Art and Archaeology

Ribner, Jonathan
Professor, Late Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European Art

Sichel, Kim
Professor, History of Photography & Modern Art

Sloutsky, Lana
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Art & Architecture

Williams, Gregory
Associate Professor, Contemporary Art

Zell, Michael
Associate Professor, Baroque and Eighteenth-Century Art

Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies

Berger, Thomas
Professor of International Relations

Garčević, Vesko
Professor of the Practice of International Relations and Political Science

Lukes, Igor
Professor International Relations and History

Schilde, Kaija
Jean Monnet Chair of European Security & Defense; Associate Professor of International Relations; Director, Center for the Study of Europe

Schmidt, Vivien A
Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration; Professor of International Relations and Political Science; Founding Director, Center for the Study of Europe

Selin, Henrik
Associate Professor of International Relations

Sanne Verschuren
Assistant Professor of International Security

Wippl, Joseph
Professor of the Practice of International Relations

Department of World Languages & Literatures – German

Gillman, Abigail
Professor of Hebrew, German & Comparative Literature; Convener of German and Hebrew

Hoecherl-Alden, Gisela
Professor of the Practice in German; Assistant Dean & Director of Language Instruction;

Hundemer-Friedman, Petra
Coordinator of German Language Program; Full-Time Lecturer in German

Kaden, Christiane
Senior Lecturer in German

Lewis, Mark
Director of the Geddes Language Center

Mangoubi, Ursula
Part-Time Lecturer in German

Schwartz, Peter
Associate Professor of German & Comparative Literature

Waters, William
Associate Professor of German & Comparative Literature

Werk, Susanne
Senior Lecturer in German

Department of World Languages & Literatures – Russian

Corrigan, Yuri
Associate Professor of Russian & Comparative Literature; Convener of Russian

Garcia de la Puente, Ines
Senior Lecturer in Russian & Comparative Literature

Kogel, Irina
Full-Time Lecturer in Russian Language

Department of Philosophy

Giulia Battistoni
Visiting Researcher

Dahlstrom, Daniel O.
John R. Silber Professor of Philosophy

Floyd, Juliet
Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy; Director, Boston University Center for the Humanities

Garrett, Aaron
Professor of Philosophy

Mark Gasser-Wingate
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Hopp, Walter
Professor of Philosophy

Katsafanas, Paul
Professor of Philosophy

Sally Sedgwick
Professor of Philosophy

Speight, Allen
Professor of Philosophy

Sreedhar, Susanne
Professor of Philosophy

Department of Political Science

Greenfeld, Liah
University Professor; Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology

Martin, Cathie Jo
Professor of Political Science

Sandra McEvoy
Clinical Associate Professor of Political Science and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Perez, Sofia
Associate Professor of Political Science

Schmidt, Vivien
Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration; Professor of International Relations and Political Science

Department of Religion

Katz, Steven
Professor of Religion; Alvin J. and Shirley Slater Chair in Jewish Holocaust Studies

Klepper, Deeana
Associate Professor of Religion and History

Seligman, Adam
Professor of Religion

Zank, Michael
Professor of Religion, Jewish, and Medieval Studies

Department of Romance Studies – French

Maria Babroff
Lecturer in French

Cazenave, Jennifer
Assistant Professor of French

Cazenave, Odile
Professor of French; Head of French Section; Director of Graduate Studies

Kirby, Chazal
Senior Lecturer in French

Duséwoir, Liliane
Master Lecturer in French and Spanish

Hawkes, Leslie
Lecturer in French

Hennessey, Paula
Senior Lecturer in French

Huckle, Nicholas
Master Lecturer in French

Kelly, Dorothy
Professor of French (on leave Fall 2023)

Kleiman, Irit Ruth
Associate Professor of Romance Studies

Lakin-Schultz, Katherine
Master Lecturer in French; Coordinator of French Language Program

Mathieu, Lionel
Lecturer in French

Webb, Lillie
Director of BU Global House; Lecturer in French

Part-Time Faculty in French

Kathleen Egan
Part-Time Lecturer in French

Katerine Gagnon
Part-Time Lecturer in French

Joan Listernick
Part-Time Lecturer in French

Department of Romance Studies – Italian

Brusetti McGinn, Laura
Master Lecturer in Italian; Coordinator of Italian Language Program

Carter, Jim
Lecturer in Italian; Associate Director, Cinema & Media Studies

Coté, Rita
Senior Lecturer in Italian

Harrowitz, Nancy
Professor of Italian; Head of Italian Section

Grasso, Rosemarye
Part-Time Lecturer in Italian

Department of Romance Studies – Portuguese

Bianconi, Célia
Master Lecturer in Portuguese; Coordinator of Portuguese Language Program

Department of Romance Studies – Spanish

Avcikurt, Angelica
Senior Lecturer in SpanishBasker-Seigel, Mildred
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Borinsky, Alicia
Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies (on leave Fall 2023)

Carberry, Alison
Master Lecturer in Spanish

Datel, María
Master Lecturer in Spanish

Duséwoir, Liliane
Master Lecturer in French and Spanish

Nicolás Fernández-Medina
Professor of Spanish and Iberian Studies; Chair of Romance Studies; Head of Portuguese Section

Griffin, Susan
Master Lecturer in Spanish

Hackbarth, Viktoria
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Maurer, Christopher
Professor of Spanish; Associate Chair of Romance Studies; Head of Spanish Section

Monet-Viera, Molly
Master Lecturer in Spanish

Noonan, Philip
Lecturer in Spanish

Perdomo, Azlin
Lecturer in Spanish

Rodríguez Ballesteros, Verónica
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Ruiz de Arbulo, Borja
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Savo, Anita
Assistant Professor of Spanish (on leave Fall 2023)

Tormos Bigles, Edgardo
Lecturer in Spanish

Toree Perez, Carmen
Lecturer in Spanish

Part-Time Faculty in Spanish

Carlos Cruz
Part-time Lecturer in Spanish

Cuenca, Daniel
Part-Time Lecturer in Spanish

Gelardo-Rodríguez, Teresa
Part-Time Lecturer in Spanish

Francisca Gonzalez-Arias
Part-Time Lecturer in Spanish

Peary, Alejandra
Part-Time Lecturer in Spanish

Department of Sociology

Curington, Celeste
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Neha Gondal
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Greenfeld, Liah
Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology

Guseva, Alya
Associate Professor of Sociology; Director of Graduate Studies

Lees, Loretta
Professor & Faculty Director of the Initiative on Cities

Mijs, Jonathan
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Stone, John
Professor of Sociology

Writing Program

Bozek, Jessica
Lecturer in Writing

Gapotchenko, Maria
Master Lecturer in Writing

Goss, Theodora
Master Lecturer in Writing

Mattingly, Stacy
Lecturer in Writing

Simpson, Dana
Lecturer in Writing

Walsh, Brian
Senior Lecturer in Writing

Yoder, Lesley
Master Lecturer in Writing

College of General Studies

Humanities Faculty

Cordner, Sheila
Senior Lecturer, Humanities

Fawell, John
Professor of Humanities

Masters, Joellen
Master Lecturer of Humanities

McKnight, Natalie
Dean; Professor of Humanities

Ohri, Indu
Lecturer in Humanities

Tyler, Meg
Associate Professor of Humanities

Vail, Jeffrey
Master Lecturer of Humanities

Rhetoric Facuty

Kramer, Beth
Senior Lecturer of Rhetoric

Parfitt, Matthew
Associate Professor of Rhetoric

Sullivan, Megan
Associate Professor of Rhetoric

Worth, Aaron
Associate Professor of Rhetoric

Social Sciences Faculty

Lamontagne, Kathryn G.
Lecturer of Social Sciences

Mackey, John
Chair and Master Lecturer of Social Sciences

Marr, Scott
Senior Lecturer of Social Sciences

McGrath, John
Associate Professor of Social Sciences

Melo, Daniela
Lecturer of Social Sciences

Varat, Benjamin E.
Senior Lecturer of Social Sciences

School of Law

Akram, Susan M.
Clinical Professor of Law

Caruso, Daniela
Professor of Law; Jean Monnet Chair

di Robilant, Anna
Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

College of Fine Arts

Abreu, Aldo
Lecturer, Historical Performance – Recorder

Allen, Lynne
Professor of Art, Printmaking

Amlin, Martin
Mildred P. Gilfillan Professor of Music

Barker, Edwin
Associate Professor of Music, Double Bass

Bitzas, Penelope
Associate Professor of Music, Voice

Burton, Deborah
Associate Professor of Music

Coelho, Victor
Professor of Music; Director, Center for Early Music Studies

Cornell, Richard
Professor of Music, Composition and Music Theory

Eustis, Lynn
Associate Professor of Music, Voice

Jeppesen, Laura
Lecturer, Historical Performance – Viola da Gamba

Jiménez, Alexander
Conductor, Young Artists Orchestra, BU Tanglewood Institute

Keyes, Bayla
Associate Professor of Music, Violin

Kibbe, Sheila
Associate Professor of Music, Piano; Chair, Collaborative Piano

Kjar, David
Lecturer, Musicology

Kopp, David
Associate Professor of Music, Composition and Theory

Lumpkin, Bill
Associate Professor of Music; Artistic Director, Opera Institute

Nersessian, Pavel
Associate Professor, Piano

Präger, Ulrike
Lecturer, Musicology

Raiselis, Richard
Associate Professor of Art, Painting

Ruiz, Gonzalo
Lecturer, Historical Performance – Baroque Oboe

Sharon, Boaz
Professor, Piano

Shenton, Andrew
Professor, Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Yudkin, Jeremy
Professor of Music; Co-Director, Center for Beethoven Studies

Yust, Jason
Associate Professor of Music, Music Theory

Zazofsky, Peter
Professor of Music, Violin and Chamber Music; Co-Director, String Quartet Workshop, BU Tanglewood Institute

Žlabys, Andrius
Lecturer in Piano

College of Communication

Carney, Ray
Professor, Film

Grundmann, Roy
Associate Professor, Film Studies

Questrom School of Business

Anteby, Michel
Associate Professor, Management & Organizations

Cockburn, Iain
Richard C. Shipley Professor in Management; Professor, Strategy & Innovation

Dirk Hackbarth
Dean’s Research Scholar; Professor, Finance

Rohrer, Lisa
Professor of the Practice, Management & Organizations