Anna di Robilant

Associate Dean for Equity, Justice, & Engagement

Professor of Law

LLB, University of Torino School of Law
LLM, Harvard Law School
PhD, University of Trento (Italy)
SJD, Harvard Law School

Areas of Interest
Comparative Law, Legal History, Property Law

Professor Anna di Robilant is a property law scholar trained in both Europe and the United States. She writes and teaches in the areas of property law, property theory, legal history, and comparative law. Professor di Robilant has published extensively in both peer-reviewed and student-edited journals, including the Vanderbilt Law Review, the American Journal of Comparative Law, the Boston University Law Review, the Hastings Law Journal and the McGill Law Journal. Professor di Robilant’s book, The Making of Modern Property. Reinventing Roman Law in Bourgeois Europe and its Periphery will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2021. Professor di Robilant is the chair of the property section of the “Common Core of European Private Law,” a project that brings together more than 200 legal scholars and practitioners to analyze and map the connections and underlying similarities in contract, property, and torts laws across Europe. Professor di Robilant received her JD from the University of Torino, Italy; her PhD in Comparative Private Law from the University of Trento, Italy, and her LLM and SJD from Harvard Law School.

Professor di Robilant’s scholarly papers are available on her SSRN page.

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