Nancy Harrowitz

Nancy Harrowitz

Chair of Romance Studies,
Associate Professor of Italian

BA, University of Oregon
MA, Case Western Reserve University
PhD, Yale University


Primo Levi Within Holocaust Literature

CAS LI 459 (4 credits)

A study of Primo Levi's writings and scientific, theological, and philosophical approaches to the Holocaust. Other theorists (Arendt, Wiesel, Müller-Hill) and other survivors' testimonies (Delbo, Borowski, Fink) are read in conjunction with Levi's works. Also offered as CAS RN 459 and CAS XL 459.

2014FALLCASLI459 A1, Sep 2nd to Dec 9th 2014
Days Start End Type Bldg Room Instructor
TR 09:30:00 AM 11:00:00 AM GCB 204 Harrowitz

Research and Teaching

Professor Harrowitz’ research and teaching interests include  nineteenth- and twentieth-century Italian literature, science and  literature, and Holocaust Studies. She is a specialist in Primo Levi  and is currently writing a book on Levi, science and Jewish identity.  She has published Antisemitism, Misogyny and the Logic of Cultural  Difference: Matilde Serao and Cesare Lombroso (1995), has edited   Tainted Greatness: Antisemitism and Cultural Heroes (1995), and co- edited with Barbara Hyams Jews and Gender: Responses to Otto  Weininger(1996). Her work includes articles on Primo Levi, Giorgio  Bassani, Carlo Levi, and Margherita Sarfatti among others.

She teaches courses on modern Italian literature and on fascism and the Holocaust in Italy, often including film as part of the  curriculum. She also teaches courses in the comparative literature  program on Holocaust literature and film, and on Primo Levi and  Holocaust literature.