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Report for America Picks Five COM Journalists

Four COM graduates and one about to receive her degree were selected this month as members of a “reporting corps” inspired by national service models, to help revive local journalism across the country. They will join in June a cohort of 225 journalists placed with more than 160 local news organizations across 46 states, Washington,… Read More

The Search for Truth in the Age of Social Media

It’s what the chattering classes have been chattering about since election day—the wave of fake news that rolled through America’s political discourse in the 2016 presidential campaign via social media, swamping voters with false reports ranging from the pope endorsing Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton helping run a child sex ring at a Washington pizzeria…. Read More

Power of Narrative Conference: Telling True Stories in Turbulent Times

Journalist Sonia Nazario never used to get involved in her stories. She saw her role as that of an observer, presenting impartial narratives to readers without intervening in her subjects’ lives. She wrote about schoolchildren so hungry they passed out on the playground, and followed the children of addicts into crack dens, all the while maintaining the… Read More

Kevin Merida (COM ’79) Joins BU Board of Trustees

An award-winning journalist has joined Boston University’s Board of Trustees and the leader of a public policy research organization has been named to the Board of Overseers. Kevin Merida (COM’79), a senior vice president of the multinational sports entertainment company ESPN and editor in chief of The Undefeated, an ESPN sports blog that explores the intersection… Read More

Dean Tom Fiedler Named Notable Journalism Educator

Crain NewsPro has honored Dean Tom Fiedler as one of their notable journalism educators. NewsPro has surveyed readers and other media professionals to nominate influential academicians for the list. NewsPro not only acknowledges Dean Fiedler’s legacy of 30 years at the Miami Herald but his positions as Visiting Murrow Lecturer and Fellow at the Shorenstein… Read More

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