Communication Research Center (CRC)

Twitter Collection and Analysis Toolkit (TCAT)

Check out the newest way to collect tweets and process data for network analysis and visualization using the TCAT.

Spring 2015 Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Lev Manovich presented "Visualizing Instagram: How to Study Big Social Data Without Using Numbers" on April 9.

Breaking New Ground

The Communication Research Center faculty are making an incredible impact in the field of communication research.

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Research Mission

  • Effectively use the most advanced theory and methods for examining communication
  • Address both theoretical and applied problems and their intersection
  • Integrate the talents and abilities of researchers across fields at Boston University to focus on communication-related issues
  • Educate undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty on cutting-edge developments in communication research

Research Areas

Researchers of the Communication Research Center maintain active academic research programs across a variety of study areas including:

  • Media effects
  • Media studies
  • Adoption of new communication technologies
  • Political communication process and impact
  • Public relations process and impact
  • The impact of media on popular culture
  • The role of media in international public diplomacy
  • The process and impact of international communication
  • The impact of media portrayals on gender self-image
  • Communication and environment, science and health