Elizabeth Mehren
Professor, Journalism

Boston Globe, Parents overly involved in college students’ lives (11/09/13)
WBUR “CommonHealth”, Marty Walsh’s Childhood Cancer: Curable Here, Not So Easy In Africa (11/12/13)


Christopher Cakebread
Master Lecturer

Yahoo! Shine, Kmart Offends and Delights With Controversial Underwear Ad (11/19/13)

Thomas Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication
Professor of the Practice, Journalism

WGBH News, Beat The Press Video: Rants And Raves (11/15/13)

James E. Katz
Feld Professor of Emerging Media;
Director, Division of Emerging Media Studies

New York Times, A Founder of Twitter Goes Long (11/11/13)

Patrice Oppliger
Assistant Professor, Communication

The Toronto Star, Mainstreaming of mean: Our age of nastiness, deceit and malice (11/15/13)


Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor of Advertising

The Hill, Santander aims for US acceptance with a new media campaign (11/02/13)
The Hill, Obama goes to the woodshed (11/15/13)
The Hill, Obama plan could shift blame to insurers (11/15/13)

John Carroll
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

BostInno, With Only a Couple of Hours Remaining, 30% of Registered Bostonians Have Decided to #FlockTheVote (11/05/13)
BostInno, Report: Marty Walsh Transition Team to Include Golar Richie, Barros (11/08/13)
WBUR “Cognoscenti”, When Television Isn’t On TV (11/21/13)

William McKeen
Chair, Department of Journalism
Professor, Journalism

The Register-Mail, Was JFK’s assassination a watershed moment in the redefining of journalism? (11/17/13)

Caryl Rivers
Professor, Journalism

Womens eNews, When Wall Street Needs Scapegoats, Women Beware (11/02/13)
Huffington Post, To the Young: Heed JFK and Use Politics for Change (11/18/13)
Women’s eNews, JFK and Women; Here’s the Uplifting Side of Story (11/21/13)


Fred Bayles
Director, State House Program
Associate Professor, Journalism

MetroWest Daily News, Votes don’t always go casino backer’s way, despite spending (11/16/13)

Richard Lehr
Professor, Journalism

NPR “All Things Considered”, Critics Say Mob Boss’s Trial Has Been A Disappointment (11/14/13)

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