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COM in the News: May 2013


Ellen Ruppel-Shell

Ellen Ruppel Shell
Co-Director, Center for Science & Medical Journalism
Professor, Journalism

The Globe and Mail, After Bangladesh, what’s the real cost of a cheap $8 shirt? (4/25/13)
Hamilton Spectator, Emotional high from cheap deals (5/4/13)
The Boston Globe, What should a shirt cost? (5/19/13)

Frank Shorr

Frank Shorr
Senior Lecturer, Journalism

Christian Science Monitor, Cubs leave Wrigley Field? North Siders call $300 million plan a strikeout (5/2/13)


John Carroll

John Carroll
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

WBUR, Are Hollywood Stars Ruining Kickstarter? (5/8/13)

fiedler headshot

Thomas Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication
Professor of the Practice, Journalism

Media Matters for America, Media Observers on ABC’s Jonathan Karl Benghazi Talking Points Story: ‘Sloppy’ And ‘Inaccurate’ (5/16/13)


Deborah L. Jaramillo
Assistant Professor, Film & Television

The Christian Science Monitor, A new crop of domestic mavens (5/22/13)

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider
Chair, Department of Film & Television
Associate Professor, Television

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, TV networks’ thirst for blood reaches serial-killer proportions (5/30/13)


Fred Bayles

Fred Bayles
Director, State House Program
Associate Professor, Journalism

The Washington Times, ‘Obamacare’ not playing a leading role in state campaigns (5/6/13)
US News and World Report, Markey Still Edging Out Gomez in Massachusetts Senate Race (5/17/13)

Tobe Berkovitz

Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor, Advertising

MetroWest Daily News, Balancing mea culpas with legal interests (5/13/13)
The Hill, Team Obama digs in, fights to get agenda back on track amid scandals (5/20/13)
The Hill, Jay Carney: Criticisms legitimate (5/23/13)
The Hill, Obama embraces role as consoler in chief to remain above the fray (5/28/13)

Christopher Daly

Christopher B. Daly
Associate Professor, Journalism

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Obama rapped for lack of transparency (5/26/13)


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