Course Registration.

Course Schedule

Each semester’s course listing is viewable on the  My BU Student Portal; use the Class Search function to view classes in a particular semester.


Review the class schedule and use the “Schedule Builder” function on the MyBU Student portal to construct your schedule.

If the Schedule Builder tool is not available this indicates a possible issue with your account, and you should contact the SPH Registrar’s Office immediately to resolve the issue before registration.


Registration takes place on the My BU Student Portal; Fall 2024 registration is on Sunday, April 7th at 9:00am.  There are user guides and videos available:

  • Preparing for Registration (video) & (guide)
  • Navigation for Registration Processes (video)
  • Managing Registration Error Messages (guide)

If you have additional questions about registration, read our Registration FAQs.

Waitlist Form

Closed out of a course? Use the waitlist form, available on our forms page.  Have questions about the waitlist?  Read the Waitlist FAQs. Note that our waitlist form is on our webpage and is not in MyBU Student– you cannot fill out a waitlist form for SPH classes in MyBU Student.

Courses & Course Descriptions

SPH degree candidates must successfully complete courses numbered SPH 700 and above or graduate courses offered outside of SPH specifically approved to count toward their degree programs.  SPH students, faculty, and staff may view course descriptions for approved SPH courses in the SPH Bulletin. Semester course descriptions are also viewable on the  My BU Student Portal in the Class Search tool.  Non-SPH courses that are pre-approved for MPH credit are listed on the Transfer Credit Form available on our forms page.

Course Description Search

For a listing of courses by topic across Boston University, go to BU Course Description Search. This site also links to registration information for the current semester. Course Description Search is part of the BU app downloadable to mobile devices.

Course Evaluations

Online SPH course evaluations.

Reader, Book, and Room Information

Books and course readers are purchased at the BU Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Classroom assignments are posted to the  My BU Student Portal.