From part-time program to top-ten school of public health. And still evolving.

SPH at 45

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Community Health Sciences: Seeding the Grassroots
Racism, the opioid crisis, maternal mortality, and health inequities—these are all issues that public health practitioners tackle every day. But where and how we live also profoundly impacts health. Community Health Science research provides comprehensive solutions to take on these big problems with the creation of public policy and implementation of community-level interventions.
Health Law, Policy, and Management: The Power of Policy
Health policies have a huge effect on our lives. Changes to policies related to Medicaid eligibility, unemployment assistance during the pandemic, Affordable Care Act coverage, and state handgun laws will have an impact on our health for years to come. Health reform will continue to be one of the top issues on legislative agendas. In
The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that we have much work to do before the next crisis.

Will We Be Ready Next Time?

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Environmental Health: Focus on Solutions
Nothing affects our health more than our environment. Factors like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and where we live dictate our environmental exposures and can determine our overall health. Even though everyone is affected by their environment regardless of income or race/ethnicity, income inequality and structural racism subject
Making it available to more people is critical.


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Epidemiology: More than COVID-19
Even before COVID-19, the field of epidemiology—the study of patterns and causes of health-related events in populations—has been growing in scope and importance in recent decades. With increasing concerns about emerging infectious diseases, environmental hazards, and global health disparities, epidemiologists are playing key roles in developing policies and interventions to protect and improve the health
Biostatistics: The Intersection of Everything
Every field of public health—especially interdisciplinary collaborations—depend on the patterns biostatistics reveal.


Doctor taking older patient's blood pressure
Genes and Cardiovascular Health Both Affect Dementia Risk

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Jacqueline Hicks
Professor Shares Love for Biostatistics with Students from High School to Grad School

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Flexing Her Math Muscles—Elizabeth Mulvey, an attorney and part-time MPH student, plans to use her biostatistics training to help prevent adverse medical outcomes.
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Staff Member’s ‘Creativity and Problem-Solving Proved Invaluable’—Bradford Francis, director of administration for the Department of Biostatistics, has developed new financial systems and workflows since joining SPH in December 2019.
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Sandeep Menon (SPH’03) Receives Inaugural Biostatistics Distinguished Alumni Award
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Atrial Fibrillation Less Deadly Than It Used to Be, But Still Cause for Concern
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SPH by the 2021 Numbers


Ranked, U.S. News & World Report best graduate schools of public health


Total applications as of July 2021


Students as of July 2021


Alums living in 117 countries-estimate as of July 2021

Global Health: A World of Difference
With public health collaborations from America to Zambia, the Department of Global Health makes a world of difference


Total Deaths Due to COVID-19 Underestimated by 20% in US Counties

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Peter Rockers
Faculty Profile: Peter Rockers

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‘Basic Needs Are Still Missing for Many People’—SPH alum Rupal Ramesh Shah (SPH’15) discusses her work as executive director of Konbit Sante, a Falmouth, Maine-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the healthcare system in Haiti.
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COVID-19 in Africa Is Severely Underestimated, Zambia Deaths Show
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are Essential for a Globally-Focused Department
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