At Boston University School of Public Health, we offer research-focused, STEM-Approved Master of Science (MS) programs for those with a strong interest in population health and data-driven initiatives. Students can align their interests with a specialized public health degree which include: epidemiology, global health, applied biostatistics, climate and health, data science, and implementation science. These MS graduate programs provide the opportunity to grow as a public health researcher in Boston, commonly considered a powerhouse of biomedical research and community health innovation.

MS in Applied Biostatistics

Master statistical analysis and contribute to life-changing research with a Master of Science in Applied Biostatistics. Develop the quantitative skills to join multidisciplinary teams of public health researchers.

MS in Applied Biostatistics

MS in Population Health Research

At BU School of Public Health, the umbrella Master of Science program in Population Health Research enables our graduate students to develop the skills needed in a specific area to become a public health researcher. Each of our master’s programs in population health incorporate hands-on training through internships and faculty-mentored research.

Specialization options include:

Climate and Health Program

In our Climate and Health program, delve into population health research methods and data analysis through the lens of public health and the environment.

MS in Climate and Health

Epidemiology Program

With our Epidemiology graduate program, build foundational knowledge in epidemiological theory, practice, and research methods to join this crucial area of public health.

MS in Epidemiology

Global Health Program

Our Master of Science program focused on Global Health prepares students to successfully navigate the challenges of public health research for underserved populations around the world.

MS in Global Health

Public Health Data Science Program

Explore the dynamic combination of data analysis and population health research. Our Public Health Data Science master’s program provides hands-on experience to develop skills to generate data-driven recommendations to address pressing public health problems.

MS in Public Health Data Science

Translation and Implementation Science Program

Establish a solid foundation in qualitative and quantitative methods and learn how to design evidence-based interventions that generate sustainable results and improve health overall.

MS in Translation and Implementation Science

Custom MS Degree in Population Health

With the support of a faculty member, students can design their own population health research Master of Science program.

MS in Population Health Research: Custom

Earn your MS degree at BU School of Public Health

Engage with and engineer your own public health research through our Master of Science programs offered at BU School of Public Health. Earn a more specialized master’s degree in population health or biostatistics that prepares you to be an adept researcher and change-maker. Learn more about our MS programs by requesting more information.

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