Jen Rodstrom ’02, Temkin Group

Career Spotlight

Customer Experience Transformist, Temkin Group

What has your career/education path been like since graduating?

I have built a successful career over the past 10+ years as a customer experience practitioner and market research professional. My areas of expertise include customer insight, voice of the customer, text analytics, and all facets of market research. After graduating from COM, I worked for a market research consultancy, managed voice of the customer programs at Bose and Constant Contact, and I currently am a Customer Experience Transformist at Temkin Group. In my current role I work as a researcher and consultant in the customer experience field.

Why did you choose your particular field of study at COM?

Prior to attending the graduate program in Applied Communication Research at COM, I had worked in a variety of non-profit communications roles. I became intrigued with better understanding what motivated different audiences to support environmental causes. I had realized that it was very difficult to "sell" a concept using the values and jargon of the organization rather than focusing on what appealed to the audience doing the "buying"   By attending COM I knew I would develop the research skills needed to segment audiences and measure the impact of different types of communications.

What skills from the program have you found most valuable?

The quantitative analysis skills I gained from Dr. Michael Elasmar's research classes have proved invaluable throughout my career. Being able to turn data into actionable insights has been critical to my success, and I credit my COM classes with helping me to learn and develop these skills.