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Executive Assistant

Perfect if you like Business, Entertainment, Finance
An executive assistant, also called an administrative assistant, oversees correspondence, managing budgets, bookkeeping, maintaining websites and scheduling travel arrangements. This job provides a large opportunity for networking.
Make it happen: Tailor your curriculum to your interests and learn the business of film and television. Learn More

Multimedia Journalist (photo/video journalism)

Perfect if you like Current Events, Moviemaking, Photography, Social Media
Multimedia journalists put together packages containing text, video and audio for online platforms. They are responsible for gathering research and sources and using these to form a cohesive story accompanied by film and sound.
Kristyn Ulanday (COM’10), Photographer, Filmmaker, Multimedia
Make it happen: Cover news that makes local and national headlines with the award-winning BU News Service. Learn More


Perfect if you like Social Media, Storytelling, Writing
Copywriters are in charge of developing text and slogans for ad campaigns.
Make it happen: Apply the lessons of copywriting courses and get your words in front of paying clients through AdLab. Learn More

Social Media Assistant

Perfect if you like Current Events, Data Analysis, Social Media, Writing
Social media assistants help maintain an online presence for the company they are hired to promote. This can include use of multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.
Notable Alumni:
  • Lindsay Southwick (COM’12), Social Content Curator, Connelly Partners
  • Christopher Leone (COM’13), Social Media Manager, Global Rallycross
Make it happen: Specialize in social media on one of the account teams of PRLab. Learn More

Web/Digital Coordinator

Perfect if you like Blogging, Design, Social Media
The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy problem-solving. This candidate should be comfortable working in a team and individual environments as well as with external customers and vendors. Previous customer service and project management experience is a plus!
Lisa Bilow (COM’11), Digital Media Director, Ogilvy
Make it happen: Choose electives such as new media design, interactive marketing and writing for multimedia. Learn More

Media Planner

Perfect if you like Business, Data Analysis
The media planner is in charge of promoting the client, using the various media platforms available online. It is their job to make sure the advertisements are reaching the target population.
Make it happen: Build skills in communication research and learn how to use emerging media as tools for promotion. Learn More

Event Planner

Perfect if you like Entertainment, Finance
Event planners are responsible for coordinating all the details for an event. Job duties include: planning menus, booking entertainment, decorating, hiring catering staff and making sure the event runs smoothly.
Make it happen: Learn how to plan, budget and stage events large and small with PRLab. Learn More

Development Executive

Perfect if you like Entertainment, Finance, Marketing, Television
Development executives are hired to search through scripts, project ideas and stories, and determine the next big film or television series. This person works closely with screenwriters and balances financial budgets.
Andrew Schechter (COM’06), VP of Programming and Development, Food Network
Make it happen: Gain experience in all aspects of production at Hothouse Productions, a student-run, client-driven production company. Learn More

Editor (Book Publishing) / Book Editor

Perfect if you like Business, Creative Writing, Current Events, Editing, Pop culture, Reading, Spelling and grammar, Storytelling
An editor at a book publishing house acquires manuscripts, edits a wide range of projects, works closely with authors, and coordinates with the marketing, publicity, sales, design, production, and copyediting departments to create and launch books.
Notable Alumni:
  • Allison Moore (COM ’09) Editor, Bloomsbury Children’s Books
 Make it happen: Build skills in communication, read contemporary literature, and take advantage of COM’s myriad internships and Boston’s countless literary events to learn the skills you need to break into the industry and find out about what books are exciting the publishing world. Learn More

Media Relations Manager

Perfect if you like Community, Current Events
The media relations manager works very closely with the press. They are responsible for speaking with reporters and trying to get them to write positive stories about their clients.
Notable Alumni:
  • Mary Dolan (COM’08), Director, Communications, Operation USA
  • Emily Roesch (COM’12,’13), Development Assistant, Office of Leadership Giving at MIT
  • Samantha Melendez (CGS’10, COM’12), Senior Account Executive, Yelp
  • Anjali Lai (CAS’10, COM’15), Data Advisor, Forrester Research, Inc.
  • James Jones (COM’10), Marketing Manager, Google Creative Lab
 Make it happen: Learn from faculty who’ve managed corporate communication at the highest levels for name-brand companies. Learn More

Sports Commentator

Perfect if you like Radio, Sports, Television
Sports commentators should be prepared to adjust to a flexible work schedule since most games are on nights and weekends. Sports commentators often arrive several hours in advance of the broadcast, beginning with a production meeting with producers, camera or other people involved in the broadcast transmission. Research on teams and players is often done in advance, including any relevant stats or bios. Occasionally, broadcasters will need to conduct interviews before the game and assist with sound and equipment checks. Listeners rely on play-by-play accounts to make them feel as though they’re at the game, whether it’s via radio or television.
Jonah Goldberg (COM’07), Sportscaster/Executive Producer
Make it happen: Cover BU sports teams for our student-run media: butv10, WTBU radio or The Daily Free Press. Learn More

Radio Broadcaster

Perfect if you like Current Events, Radio
Radio broadcasters can be either news announcers or talk show hosts. News announcers focus more on reading scripted news stories, whereas talk show hosts are typically unscripted.
Others in Journalism:
  • Peter DiCampo (COM’05), Founder, Life Without Lights
  • Jason Kashdan (COM’14), Associate Producer at CBS Interactive, CBS News
Make it happen: Get on-air experience with three-time college radio station of the year WTBU. Learn More

Marketing Assistant

Perfect if you like Data Analysis
The marketing assistant promotes the client and encourages the sales of the company’s goods or services. This job may require scheduling meetings, and organizing and gathering data.
Angela Tisone (CGS’09, COM’11), Senior Marketing Producer, Arnold Worldwide
Make it happen: Choose courses in marketing communication, research methods and presentation skills. Learn More

Account Coordinator

Perfect if you like Business, Fast-paced environment, Problem solving
Account coordinators are in charge of some administrative duties such as assisting in research, managing media contacts and coordinating mailings of press packets.
Notable Alumni:
  • Josh Tammaro (CGS’12, COM’14), Account Coordinator, Corporate of Higher Education, Practices of Schneider Associates
  • Madison Murach (CGS’12, COM’14), Account Coordinator, Rubenstein Communications
Make it happen: Learn the ins and outs of account planning and management by joining AdLab or PRLab. Learn More

TV Reporter

Perfect if you like Current Events, Television
TV reporters provide the public with informative stories on a range of topics and may specialize in one area of reporting, such as sports, finance, business or international. Journalists primarily work for local, state or national news stations, as well as cable networks. TV reporter's job duties include meeting deadlines and working long hours.
Christopher Conte (CGS’07,’09), General Assignment Reporter, KTTC NewsCenter
Make it happen: Choose broadcast electives including TV newsroom, narrative radio and documentary production. Learn More

Production Assistant

Perfect if you like Entertainment, Moviemaking, Television
The production assistant, or PA, position is the entry level position on a film or television set. The production assistant does just about anything and everything, from getting coffee to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around town as needed. Working as a PA is where you learn firsthand about life on a professional set and make the contacts to launch your career.
Notable Alumni:
  • Jason Kashdan (COM’14), Associate Producer, CBS Interactive, CBS News
  • Kyley Tucker (COM’07), Producer, The Voice
  • Mark Denega (COM’07), Director/Producer, H.O.P.E. Was Here
Other Film/TV Alumni:
  • Dana Cyboski (COM’06), Design and Production/Director, Triton Productions
  • Paul Bernon (D2) (COM’01), William Ring, Co-President, Burn Later
Make it happen: Learn sound design, lighting and cinematography by taking production electives. Learn More

Art Director

Perfect if you like Drawing, Photography
The art director develops the visual aspect of an advertising campaign. They are responsible for overseeing the creative department while working closely with the copywriter to produce a cohesive advertisement.
Kelsey Sinclair Aten O Ciardha (COM’11), Digital and Graphic Designer, Calypso Communications
Make it happen: Guide the visual direction of client campaigns as a member of AdLab’s creative team. Learn More


Perfect if you like Current Events, Editing
An editor has the task of overseeing and editing all written work prior to publication. This requires checking for correct spelling, grammar, layout and content.
Notable Alumni:
  • Alyson Sheppard (COM’08), Contributing Editor, Playboy Digital
  • Ali Bhanpuri (COM’10), Senior Editor, NFL Media
  • Rakshita Saluja (COM’12), Homepage Editor,
  • Kasey Wickman (COM’10), Writer/Editor, MTV News
Make it happen: The Daily Free Press, BU’s independent student newspaper, has a rich history of producing influential writers and editors. Learn More


Perfect if you like Creative Writing, Entertainment, Pop culture, Storytelling, Television
The screenwriter creates the dialogue, characters and storyline for film and/or television. They are a key component in the production process.
Notable Alumni: 
  • Jennifer Corbett (COM’10), Screenwriter, Golden Boy 20th Century Fox
  • Jason Hellerman (COM’13), Screenwriter, Shovel Buddies
  • Corinne Brinkerhoff (COM’04), Writer/Producer, Boston Legal, The Good Wife, Elementary
  • Joshua Safdie, Benjamin Safdie (COM’07), Filmmakers
Make it happen: Write scripts for TV and short films in classes. Compete for the Fleder-Rosenberg short screenplay award. Learn More

Casting Assistant

Perfect if you like Acting, Entertainment
As the assistant to the casting director, the casting assistant is responsible for various administrative tasks, in addition to researching and preparing for auditions. This is an entry-level position and a stepping-stone for a casting director position. Casting directors audition and recommend actors, singers and dancers for different productions.
Make it happen: Get an inside perspective on casting in Hollywood when you study for a semester in Los Angeles. Learn More

Account Executive

Perfect if you like Business, Finance, Marketing
Account executives are the liaison between the creative department and the clients. They are also responsible for control of the advertising campaign and communicating with clients and the executives.
Suzanne Wyman (COM’13), Assistant Account Executive, Grey
Make it happen: Courses in consumer insight, advertising management and branding will pave your way. Learn More

Reporter/Staff Writer

Perfect if you like Current Events, Writing
A staff writer collects and analyzes facts about newsworthy events to report and publish stories for newspaper, magazine, radio or television. The information for these stories comes from interviews, investigation and/or observation.
Notable Alumni:
  • John Nicas II (CGS’08, COM’11), Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
  • Jenna Pelletier (COM’07), Feature Writer/Editor/Reporter, The Providence Journal
  • Erich Schwartzel (COM’09), Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
  • Kasey Wickman (COM’10), Writer/Editor, MTV News
Casey Sherman '92, left COM believing he was going to be a journalist. As a reporter for CBS, the expectation held true for almost 20 years. That is, until he became a bestselling author.
Make it happen: Develop sources and story ideas while covering a beat in one of Boston’s neighborhoods. Publish your stories with the BU News Service or other local outlet. Learn More

Advertising Account Planner

Perfect if you like Business, Data Analysis
Advertising account planners create the communication strategy for an advertising campaign. This includes gathering research necessary to present to the company about how they’re employing a certain advertising approach.
Allyn Nielson (COM’14), Associate Account Strategist, Google
Make it happen: Take on roles with the account services side of AdLab or AdClub. Learn More

Editorial Assistant

Perfect if you like Current Events, Reading, Spelling and grammar, Writing
Editorial assistants aid in all the stages of publication and supporting the editorial staff. Examples of these tasks include writing articles and reports and proofing and editing content.
Taylor Bigler (COM’12), Editorial Assistant, The Ellsworth American
Make it happen: Take advantage of COM’s myriad internships to learn the skills you need to break into the industry. Learn More

TV Production Assistant

Perfect if you like Fast-paced environment, Video
Television production assistants are responsible for the organization and processes behind putting together a TV broadcast. Other duties include issuing scripts, organizing equipment, supervising the broadcast and editing video.
Christopher Roewe (COM’14), Production Assistant, Fox Sports Live
Make it happen: Produce almost any kind of programming for butv10—news, sports, public affairs, comedy, drama…you name it. Learn More