The Biostatisitics faculty are committed to their role of teacher and mentor inside and beyond the classroom. Their research brings depth and a real-life context to the classroom.

Bios for the full and part-time faculty can be found within the Biostatistics section of this website.

Adjunct Teaching Faculty

In addition to the faculty based at the School, BUSPH employs a number of experienced public health professionals from the community as adjunct faculty. These adjunct faculty bring a wealth of information to the classroom as well as help build bridges between the communities that surround the Boston University Medical Campus. Additionally, they often connect students with practica, research opportunities, and community events.

Adjunct Faculty Name Appointment Additional Appointments/Positions
Arlene S. Ash, PhD, University of Illinois; MS, Washington University Research Professor Research Professor of Mathematics in Medicine, BUSM
Alexa Beiser, PhD, Boston University; MA, University of California, San Diego Professor Professor of Neurology, BUSM
Ralph B. D’Agostino, PhD, Harvard University; AM, Boston University Professor Professor of Epidemiology. Professor of Mathematics & Statistics and Executive Director of Biostatistics Program, BU CAS. Professor of Law, BU Law
Robert J. Glynn, ScD, SM, Harvard University; PhD, MA, Brandeis University; MA, Boston College Adjunct Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Medicine (Biostatistics), Harvard Medical School
Nicholas Horton, ScD,
Harvard University
Adjunct Associate Professor
Shih-Jen Hwang, PhD, MHS, Johns Hopkins University; MPH, Taiwan University Adjunct Research Assistant Professor Epidemiologist/Statistician, Framingham Heart Study
Gyungah Jun, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; MSc, Seoul Natiional University Research Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM
Martin Larson, SD, SM,
Harvard University
Research Professor Research Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, BU CAS and Research Associate Professor of Medicine, BUSM
Robert A. Lew, PhD, MS,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Associate Professor Senior Biostatistician, Veterans Affairs
Mark Logue, PhD, MS,
University of Iowa
Research Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine, BUSM
Elena Losina, PhD, Boston University; MSc, Odessa University Adjunct Associate Professor
Sandeep Menon, PhD,
Boston University
Adjunct Assistant Professor Director of Biostatistics, Bio-therapeutics Research, Pfizer
Al Ozonoff, PhD, MA
University California Santa Barbara
Associate Professor Director of the Design and Analysis Core for the Clinical Research Program, Children’s Hospital Boston; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biostatistics HSPH
P. K. Tandon, PhD,
Ohio State University
Adjunct Associate Professor Vice President, Genzyme Corporation
Soe Soe Thwin, PhD, Boston University; MS University of Washington, Seattle Adjunct Assistant Professor Biostatistician, Veterans Affairs
Vanessa Xanthakis, PhD,
Boston University
Instructor Instructor of Medicine, Investigator for the Framingham Heart Study, Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, Department of Medicine BUSM
Bin Zhang, DSc, Harvard University; MA, University of Michigan Adjunct Research Assistant Professor