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ECE Alumna, Rosalind Wynne, advances fiber optic research

Boston University alumna Rosalind Wynne (ENG’01, ENG’05) is an award-winning African-American engineer. She is currently an associate professor at the Villanova University’s College of Engineering. Reflecting back on her graduate years at BU, Wynne acknowledges some of the impactful faculty during her M.S. and PhD studies in BU’s ECE Department.

BU ECE Students receive Best Paper Award at the ASIA Conference on Computer and Communication Security 2018

Realizing that the correlation between malware and HPC traces does not establish causation, Boston University graduate students Boyou Zhou, Rasoul Jahanshahi and Anmol Gupta, under the supervision of Professors Manuel Egele and Ajay Joshi, evaluated works that propose this HPC-based methodology for malware detection.

Innovation in Ideation

Natural disasters have plagued civilization since the beginning, and although our understanding of them has improved over the centuries, too […]

Luca Dal Negro Promoted to Full ECE Professorship

Professor Luca Dal Negro, PhD (ECE, MSE, Physics) was promoted to the rank of Professor in Boston University’s College of Engineering.