Neila Gross: Investigating Antibiotic Resistance

In August 2022, Neila Gross summited Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a grueling journey that took her five and a half days to make her way up the highest peak on the African continent and one and a half days to make her way down. On the first day, as she looked across the desolate plane where the mountain stood, uncertainty set in when she realized how far she had to go. And when she looked up and noticed that the mountain’s summit was obscured by the clouds because of its height, one thought took over: “You can’t do this.” But she set aside her self-doubts and, many pitstops and thousands of feet later, she made it to the top.

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Matt Geib: Reimagining the World of Birth Control

Women have historically carried the financial and health-related burdens of contraception. There are currently around 12 birth control methods marketed toward the demographic, with the most effective options involving hormones. While hormonal contraception methods are more than 90 percent successful in preventing pregnancy, they have also been proven to cause an array of negative side […]

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ECE Faculty Prominent Among Research Incubation Award Recipients

Eight ECE faculty members are among the recipients of the inaugural Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards, with a combined total of approximately $1.5M in funding for their respective projects.

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Professor Coskun and Team Will Collaborate with Sandia Labs on Applying AI to HPC

By Caroline Amato Professors Ayse Coskun, Manuel Egele, and Brian Kulis in ECE have received a $500K grant from Sandia National Labs for their project “Al-based Scalable Analytics for Improving Performance, Resilience, and Security of HPC Systems”. HPC refers to High Performance Computing. This is the practice of collecting computing power so that a large […]

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Professor Robert Gray Named 2020 Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award Recipient

The IEEE Information Theory Society has honored BU ECE Research Professor Robert M. Gray with the 2020 Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award. The Wyner Award is given in recognition of an individual’s outstanding leadership in, and exceptional service to, the Information Theory community over a substantial period of time.

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