Student Engagement

Want to get more involved with the College of Engineering? We have student organizations for professional organizations, honor societies, and interest groups. 

Special Interest Clubs

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Where Are They Now? Rocket Propulsion Club Alumni

Drew Kelley (BS in Computer Engineering) went on to work at Blue Origin, leading the avionics team for the Blue Moon lander program. “We’re focused on what it would take to preserve Earth—for example, moving heavy industry off planet. That really resonates with me and with the idea of the Societal Engineer.”

Elysse Lescarbeau (MS in Mechanical Engineering) went on to work at SpaceX. “It’s super important to have diverse perspectives and to get more badass ladies into rocketry.”

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Engineering Community

Where Are They Now? Terrier Motorsport Alumni

Anna Saad (BS Mechanical Engineering) now works as a Junior Aerodynamics Engineer at Hass Formula 1  in Italy. She credits this club for helping her break into the industry.

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