Hariri Group Co-Founds AI Alliance

The MOC Alliance is delighted to be part of the AI Alliance,” says Professor Orran Krieger (ECE), director of the MOC Alliance. “The MOC Alliance’s open-source production cloud platform, with all the operations state and telemetry available to enable innovation, make it an exciting match for the AI Alliance’s mission of advancing open, transparent AI." More

Clearing the Air

For subs, spacecraft and more, Werner is working on a novel material that would capture CO2 in a targeted and efficient way. More

ECE CHIPS In: Efficiently Secure Computing

This article is the first part of a series highlighting BU ECE’s contributions to research and education under the umbrella of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, and our faculty’s collective investment in the national effort to build a robust and innovative semiconductor industry. More

Thinking Bigger

Raised in rural Jamaica, Huntley Myrie (ENG'95) went on to design jet engine turbines, manage billion-dollar businesses, and earn one of this year's Black Engineer of the Year awards. More

Machines and Health

BU engineers are combining their expertise to develop robotic and AI technologies to help solve health problems of all kinds. More

Seeing Themselves in STEM

BU hosted kids from across the city for a STEM fair, showing them the educational and career opportunities available in science and tech. More


Translational Biomedical Advances Highlighted at Inaugural BTEC Symposium

Promising advances in biological engineering were the topics of discussion at the Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center’s (BTEC) inaugural symposium this month. The event featured former BME faculty member and current dean of the Brown University School of Engineering Tejal Desai, as well as several BME faculty members and an industry executive. More

Engineer, Runner, Budding Doctor

The Patriot League's 2023 Indoor Track & Field Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Aksel Laudon (ENG'22, CAMED'26) has been a standout on and off the course. More

Gevelber Named a Sustainability Champion

This year’s sustainability “superhero” award winners were recognized for their significant contributions to research or practice in sustainability and climate change, as well as equity and justice. More

How ultrafast lasers developed in Michelle Sander’s lab are speeding up biological research

Michelle Sander and her lab group at Boston University are seeking out new ways to build ultrafast lasers – lasers that emit such short-lasting pulses of light that their duration is difficult to fathom. “I’m particularly interested in developing lasers on the femtosecond scale – a fraction of a second so small that its ratio is the same as one second to 32 million years,” Sander says. More

College of Engineering and Dean ad interim Elise Morgan

College Honors Distinguished Alumni

The College of Engineering and Dean ad interim Elise Morgan conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award on three alumni -- recognizing their impact on their professions and communities, and outstanding service to the BU Engineering community – at an event on Sept. 22. More

A New Way of Learning

Undergrads from across the country come to the BU Photonics Center for an NSF summer research experience program. This fall, these five returned to BU full-time. More